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152 Attack Of The Icebergs (2009-11-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Y’know, the guy just basically says, global government, yeah we’re just gonna run the whole damn thing, screw ya.”
0:00:36JCD hears ACC in “Stan Francisco”
0:01:14Producer Segment
0:08:24French anti-drinking lobby, “wine wars” dumping Spanish wine tankers; Minitel for hookers
0:11:45Cheerleader Desiree Jennings seasonal flu shot dystonia story debunked
0:15:21Climategate jingle; COP 15 delegation to include BNP “denialist” Nick Griffin, “climate contrarian” meme; story buried by Google SEO obfuscation; David Biello Scientific American article: “sadly for the potential fate of human civilization, rumors of the demise of climate change have been much exaggerated”; University of New South Wales “Copenhagen Diagnosis”
0:28:06Biello’s Sixty-Second Earth podcast “brought to you by Siemens”, 9440 metric tons of CO2 per child, JCD: “hey, I got an idea: why don’t we just round up all the kids and send them to concentration camps and kill them all”; Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer e-mails “cherry picked” meme; “smear campaign”, “dissenters”, “out of context” memes, scientific term “trick”; icebergs approaching New Zealand; Australian scientists developing flatulence “vaccine” for sheep; producer note on air quality workers extending mandate to CO2 fiefdom
0:41:50Pilots for 9/11 Truth black box data on Pentagon collision full of inconsistencies, Flight Deck Door never opened, security camera footage confiscated by FBI
0:45:12And Now Back to Real News: Tiger Woods plows into fire hydrant and tree fleeing golf club-wielding wife, nightclub owner mistress with bulging left eyeball like Ross Perot
0:48:55Investigative journalist Mark Pittman dead at 52 having sued the Federal Reserve
0:51:24And Now Back to Real News: White House dinner crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi, pipelines for Pakistan, JCD: Benazir Bhutto “blowed up”, bin Laden killed claim; Secret Service looking for disappearing Salahis; Bill Moyers turning on Obama, Lyndon Johnson’s phone calls, Vietnam playbook; Australian reenactment of soldier’s letter home: “like launching killing machines from a cross between the Hilton Hotel and the Westfield Shopping Complex”, “Dutch is an acronym for don’t understand the concept here”, artillery killing 80 civilians
1:05:04Donation Segment: “random” subscription cancellations
1:11:48American Enterprise Institute blog post on Obama’s sub-8% private sector cabinet; Nigel Farage on European Parliament “eight and a half years of bullying, of lying, of ignoring democratic referendums” to pass Lisbon Treaty, “political pygmies” appointed, “the Kissinger question of who to call in Europe hasn’t really been answered”, President Herman Van Rompuy “doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, does it?”, Baroness Catherine Ashton “never had a proper job, and she’s never been elected to anything in her life”, ACC: “shut up, slave!” from Poland’s Jerzy Buzek, Ashton’s treasurer position with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
1:22:30Obama kowtowing to Emperor Akihito; Russians refusing to shake Obama’s hand
1:25:09Human Rights Watch ruckus over Uganda’s plans to execute gays with HIV
1:26:54Bernanke: Ron Paul’s H.R.1207 audit the Fed bill could “impair economic stability”; Dubai about to default on $80bn loan, London Stock Exchange “glitch”
1:30:5924-part CBC series on faith and distrust in science; Russian bombers flying over Netherlands and Canada, JCD on justifiable Russian paranoia; Van Rompuy: “2009 is also the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20”, “global management of our planet”
1:43:12FDA evaluating Novartis H1N1 vaccine with adjuvants