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151 Turkeys Going Rogue (2009-11-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Have you ever done heroin, John?” (1:48:12)
0:00:39Delay due to Mac OS Core Audio update havoc, DRM and copyright according to Steve Jobs
0:04:34Climategate: Hide the Decline YouTube music video; JCD on PBS 16-minute Copenhagen COP 15 segment, The Lancet on reducing deaths from heart and lung diseases by cutting CO2 emissions, “climate change is not only about economics, and it’s not only about the environment, it’s about your health”, no actual mention of CO2, “black carbon” soot and methane, “we can prevent certain obesity”; Lord Monckton calling for resignations
0:17:36BBC meteorologist Paul Hudson sitting on CRU e-mails since October; “strong statement” from Royal Society and others about greenhouse gas emissions danger “more alarming than ever”; registered to Ogilvy PR, “friends of Hopenhagen” Coca-Cola and BMW, Huffington Post COP 15 “citizen journalist” raffle, “eleven days to seal the deal”
0:26:55Producer Segment: Black Friday stampede death predictions
0:29:00Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull to “dissidents”: “I am the leader and I have made the call”; Chinese envoy drops liability into US laps, ACC on European hate for US not signing Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen “framework for future action”, Bush blamed for Clinton’s inaction
0:32:45Obama on pulling troops out of Afghanistan: “I will promise you this: that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do, I will get our troops home, we will bring an end to this war: you can take that to the bank”, JCD: “whoo, I get to take it to the bank!”, “how many first things did he say he would do?”; H.R.4130 Share the Sacrifice Act by Rep. David (You Will) Obey, Dutch Global Services mercenary helicopter downed; JCD on right-wing radio pounding drums for more war
0:42:06ACC’s Sarah Palin Going Rogue experiment, Mevio former Black Panther Maggie: “product of incest”; Palin An American Life subtitle, CBS assassination via Couric, JCD recommends live unedited interview; Palin continuously rebelling against Republican headquarters control
0:52:21Donation Segment: “astonishing”; Obama rejects global landmine ban
1:02:52Dutch Het Nieuwe Rijk outfit recommends EU identity card number tattoos; UK arrests for sole purpose of building up DNA database; JCD on CSI plugging into CCTV camera system; Obama “gun salesman of the year”; former CIA Robert Baer: Afghanistan “war of national resistance”, national force “occupying army” vs local libertarians
1:15:56Rep. Jane Harman questioned by incoherent Mad TV Miss Swan sound-alike; 250k Irish public workers walking out over pay cut; Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman found dead with “fed” written on chest staged his own murder; Obama pushing for Patriot Act renewal
1:24:35HSBC tells clients to remove physical gold from safe deposit boxes as it approaches $1200; “lumpy” gold-plated tungsten melting attempts; WikiLeaks 9/11 pager messages dump
1:27:53Sen. Susan Collins: “most young people, I fear, will just do the math” and pay $750 tax, “if they do get sick later, they can still buy insurance”, NAIC “severe adverse selection”
1:31:47Washington Post office shutdown; IMF warns second bailout would “threaten democracy”; Standard & Poor’s warns big banks are undercapitalized
1:36:47And Now Back to Real News: Bulgarian Space Research Institute working on deciphering alien symbols in crop circles; V reboot: “they’re not mixing their drug into the vitamin shot, they’re mixing it into our flu vaccine”, ACC on ridicule for vaccine skeptics
1:43:37No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: GlaxoSmithKline “advises” one 172k-dose “batch” might cause “more allergic reactions than normal”; Canada limiting liability; no heroin “vaccine”