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150 Global Warming Denialism (2009-11-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “This wasn’t a meteor at all, it was a test firing of an EMF device.” (1:19:49)
0:00:38ACC playing show for Will the hairdresser, worst-dressed man topic for “morning show”
0:02:32ACC’s trip to Las Vegas Casino Expo, open-carry of Palin’s Going Rogue, “not a lot of dirt”, minor “Machel Raddow” Couric incident
0:07:01Producer Segment
0:10:08Climategate: same University of East Anglia CRU Climatic Research Unit that ran out of disk space, “denialism” and “holding back science” memes, JCD: “thalidomide’s the first thing that comes to mind”; MSM shift of focus from anthropogenic to general warming, Obama COP 15 deal walkback; lots of “not available for comment”, Al Gore “science is clear” mantra
0:22:12Der Spiegel on Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research 0% net warming trend; UK’s convenient “worst rainfall in a thousand years”; potential death of cap and trade unregulated derivatives; Bishop Hill Blog CRU e-mail synopsis with source links
0:27:56Timothy Geithner to Michael Burgess on “there is no country that came into this crisis with the tools to manage it effectively”, bullcrap “the tools” euphemism for legal authority, Burgess: “how did George Bush cause those countries to be unprepared for a financial crisis?”, JCD explains Glass-Steagall depression prevention, Geithner: “we are working to put the TARP out of its misery”, blames recession on deregulation, Burgess: “I don’t think that you should be fired, I thought you should’ve never been hired”
0:43:32Health and Human Services advisory panel: no mammograms until age 50, Kathleen Sebelius’ evasive damage control, ACC: “she’s a reptile”, two-year Pap smear recommendation and Gardasil, Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act paragraph 3: no cost-sharing requirements for CDC-recommended immunizations, breast cancer “vaccine” no-shit “really for prevention”; Sen. Lisa Murkowski: “when we get our Thanksgiving turkey, it’s about a 20-pound turkey, so there you have it”
0:55:44Wayne Dyer’s PBS superstition: “energy system that’s coming into our home”, $125M raised for PBS, “that’s a lot of Barneys, huh-huh-huh-huh!”
1:01:18Donation Segment: dirty look from John Doerr of ACC over Al Gore coverage
1:13:54No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: regret over not using method “to instantly double or triple the number of doses available, by using an immune booster called an adjuvant”; CDC’s medal-studded Dr. Anne Schuchat; NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases $60M in grants for adjuvant development; no vaccine if you’re over 63
1:17:32Meteorite explodes over Colorado, FAA flight tracking down across US because of “circuit board”, ACC: 1-kiloton device aimed at Denver International Airport “Stargate” as part of Obama administration space war to “take the CIA out”, H.R.1207 Watt amendment defeated; ABC on FAA “early-morning computer glitch”, ACC: “she’s making this up as she goes along”
1:26:49Goldman-Sachs “doing God’s work” serving 10k free Thanksgiving dinners in San Francisco
1:28:26Indiana National Guard unit “helping Afghan farmers help themselves”, “fertilizer application training”, Monsanto super-poppies, “national tray-sure”: “support for WAMU 88.5 comes from Monsanto, committed to sustainable agriculture, and creating hybrid and biotech seeds designed to increase crop yields and conserve natural resources”; urban farms in Detroit
1:32:50Vaccine pipeline for {cocaine abuse, methamphetamine addiction, nicotine, neglected tropical diseases, prion diseases, hookworm, polio, rotavirus, leishmaniasis, DNA, streptococcal conjugate, obesity, tuberculosis}; “send Adam to school”