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14 Neelis Kroes Is Hot (2008-01-27)

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0:00:24Six inches of rain in California, San Francisco Bay Bridge tunnel flood, Goat Island
0:03:41Listeners all-in in JCD’s notes rundown, JCD “book of book titles”, Seinfeld coffee-table book about coffee-table books; ACC meeting JCD with giant red green Costco golfing umbrella, ACC red-green color blindness
0:09:52Definitions of neoliberal and neocon, JCD fan of “right-wing talk radio” and “left-wing crackpot TV”, Free Speech TV “Gay News” segment outing people; ACC underwhelmed by Tom Merritt and Molly Wood; podcast lengths and commutes, JCD’s Tech 5 numbers; Rumsfeld on the need for more US propaganda, JCD on jamming downloads and streaming
0:21:42ACC story: latest entry into US, “aren’t you that guy from MTV?”, new hack idea: pre-striped duplicate customs form, “hey John it’s Adam, I’m in Gitmo, man!”, secondary screening “SS”, “yeah right” to DHS Clear “barker”
0:30:02JCD’s switch to PG Tips Special Blend; Verbatim archival-grade optical media with gold, JCD’s 1x SCSI burner, Plextor data recovery drives
0:35:24Obama South Carolina primary win, JCD predicts Clinton-Obama and McCain-Romney; Ron Paul unmentioned by press, “going for the gold” fundraising goal, Giuliani’s “mobbed up” campaign managers; Huckabee stand-up on Leno, Howard Dean’s overly long tie, Huckabee consumption tax proposal, ACC on VAT black market, JCD on Reagan-era illegal employees coming to light in confirmation hearings; Ron Paul four-point revitalization plan, Sarbanes–Oxley repeal
0:49:32ACC: “on a weekly basis we could do five hours”; In Business podcast with Neelie Kroes“, Europe the antitrust hawk, Kroes’ ”so to say“, ”Nagra-carrying“ Peter Day ACC interview
0:58:44Yo Agenda and Ho Agenda podcasts; JCD’s Battlestar Galactica “networked computer” quote, scathing review rejected by PC Magazine