Call Clooney!

149 Fools Gold (2009-11-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh! Well, it’s not that important!” (0:31:33)
0:00:33ACC on JCD’s “gotta talk to a guy” hit setup; Esquire: ACC worst dressed man in Netherlands, Photoshopped Putin handshake, project: DIY trophy collection
0:07:50Rachel Maddow Sarah Palin “elephant in the room”, ACC set to read Palin’s book, hour-long Oprah interview, hostile Barbara Walters interview with close-up shots to engender distrust
0:13:48ACC on Rachel Maddow deconstructs Palin’s blame for Nicolle Wallace on Katie Couric interview, Air America’s Ana Marie Cox “double-barreled lesbian trouble”, JCD: “lesbians are great”, JCD on Cox Daily Beast and Couric “puff pieces” about Wallace
0:19:09ACC recommends Ron Paul’s End the Fed, attempts to trigger TSA, success triggering Uncle Don, Gregg & Paul friends with Paul Volcker; ACLU Steve Bierfeldt unlawful detainment lawsuit settled, TSA “total jackasses” requiring FOIA for new guidelines
0:23:11Lou Dobbs doing an Atlas Shrugged by “going Galt”; Bill Maher vaccination blog post
0:26:55Dutch automotive black boxes for road taxes, data privacy conditional on terrorist threat presenting data for 440 nonexistent districts across all 50 states
0:32:31Boeing with 10 tons of cocaine crashes in West Africa; JCD heirloom turkey for Thanksgiving
0:36:14Producer Segment: Gitmo Nation Down Under; Hillary “MILF” audio
0:39:01DHS’ Alex Garza to Senate hearing: “80% of the Department of Homeland Security personnel are operational”, “forces” size of Marine Corps, “evidence-based guidance”; Uncle Don chuckles about “civilian in the Pentagon”, CIA furious at Obama administration; no US president has ever visited Japanese atomic bomb memorial
0:49:28PBS advertisers laughing in viewers’ faces, NewsHour outro Chevron “tackle challenges like climate change”, Wells Fargo, BNSF, Toyota, Monsanto, Grant “cook the books” Thornton, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Vivian Schiller “call it whatever you want” revisited
0:55:21Donation Segment: ACC’s sister Willow keeping female numbers up
0:59:49Failed disruptive advertising meme; ACC V-athon on DVR “unwatchable” with four minutes per commercial break, crapped out after ten minutes, Z-100 tracking competition’s breaks
1:02:46Henry Kissinger on Obama China trip: “they really are issues of the construction of a New World Order, that’s what this is about, and that’s the sort of dialogue the Chinese are generally good at”; dual-channel “thou shalt donate” jingle; JCD on primetime $1 per show per viewer; blog post on gold purchase for new Chinese technology fund, Chinese government and MI6 confirm Federal Reserve Board has been selling gold-plated tungsten, 9/11 missing gold story
1:00:36Mysterious substances sprayed over Ukraine before hemorrhagic flu outbreak; Qantas Flight 72 interim report: cosmic neutrons interacting with Airbus avionics in Southern Hemisphere
1:14:59H.R.1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act about to be watered down by Rep. Mel Watt; Lloyd Blankfein “God’s work” damage control
1:16:24No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Tony Blair out of EU presidential race, Ireland to jail people for refusing mandatory Baxter International H1N1 vaccine; Minneapolis library bans plush toys and hand puppets; UK pushing vaccine at children under five in spite of danger; nicotine “vaccine” on Financial Times front page, ACC predicts anti-gay vaccine
1:25:33Breitbart discovers Law & Order propaganda; Mevio break-in “where do you want us to dust”
1:27:50Sarah Palin on Fort Hood as terrorism; White House “declines” to provide eyewitnesses to Congressional hearing, mysterious civilian fatality; Harry Reid’s 2500-page healthcare bill now online; Nouriel Roubini “the worst is yet to come” article