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147 Podcast Award Nominees (2009-11-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Whose side are these people on?!”(0:43:37)
0:00:36Happy Veterans Day, C-SPAN on Congress taking rest of week off, UK Poppy Day irony
0:03:40Producer Segment
0:06:02College student producer not all-in on RFID implants; JCD’s son Mevio intern, SEO the real future; “don’t forget” vs “remember” vs Ten Commandments
0:11:00Hypocrite Sean Hannity dismisses AMA guidance that medical marijuana may be of value
0:14:16ACC in Chicago, United $49 “extra five inches”, Sax Chicago boutique hotel
0:17:24ACC’s V show DVD with .avi file, JCD on DVD writer for TV; ACC reports demise of pigeon chick Oatmeal on “flight day”, JCD: “the bones are still soft when it’s young”
0:21:37Local parallel with CVC’s train nightmare: aggressive Muni agent scuffles with 17-year-old
0:24:45Nomination for Podcast Awards in General and People’s Choice categories, death joker ACC
0:27:17WGN on Northwestern University Halloween party blackface uproar: “hi you, Micah”, “two students dressed as blackface, a racially insensitive character, really throwback to the 1800s when white slave owners would mock their slaves”, JCD: “hey, let’s go mock the slaves and maybe they’ll kill us in our sleep!”, whites stealing black material, one student “reportedly an athlete”; JCD on home schooling because of appalling public school propaganda
0:36:25“Out-and-out douche” Shepard Smith on Fort Hood doctors worried about Nidal Hasan, Catherine Herridge: “unnamed military official” on Hasan’s sensitivity about religion, “one government counterterrorism investigator tells me, had we launched an investigation of Hasan, we’d have been crucified … we couldn’t launch because of First Amendment privileges”, JCD: “if the First Amendment can go by the wayside, then we won’t have these incidents any more, whose side are these people on?!” (JCDPPotD); ACC: written like Law & Order script
0:46:16Hasan’s apartment with heavy-duty paper shredder and “stack of papers that were turned upside-down”, Shepard Smith oblivious to “medication to treat HIV”; producer transcript of Col. Ralph Peters: “worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11”; producers notes on FN FiveSeven 5.7x28mm pistol with high-capacity clips magazines legal after AWB sunset in 2004; anti-marijuana “home-grown” meme, incongruity of Israeli currency in apartment; Joe Lieberman pushing for determination on terrorism
0:58:46Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad execution lost opportunity for death row reality show
1:01:03Donation Segment: ACC on NYC real estate standing empty; ACC all-in on GTD
1:12:02Nine Points Capital Partners guy to CNBC: global currency crisis would result in “global world government, a new global currency, and a New World Order”, host “hmm” response
1:19:32Joel on Software forum messages between high-speed trading developers; woman nearly getting run over by subway train on CNN video with facial recognition boxes
1:22:38GAO Operation Iraqi Freedom report: “identification of contractor requirements” challenge, shipping container tracking system 25% accurate, 200 Iraq containers actually in Afghanistan, one third missing, destroying “retrograding” equipment; Ibn Sina Hospital handoff, “critical” equipment untransferable, ACC: “if you weren’t pissed off that we were there killing people in the first place, your money is being mismanaged like nobody’s business”
1:28:54Copenhagen draft: “warming of the climate system as a consequence of human activity is unequivocable”, 1750 starting point; no French donors; danger of “abrupt climate change”
1:34:51No Agenda Swine Flu Minute jingle, left-right channel programming and NLP, visual distractions like eyebrows; JCD “you need to focus, your work is lackluster” gig in-jokes