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146 Fort Hood Terrorist (2009-11-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Does it require you have to go to a seminar where you have to sit down for hours and not take a leak?” (0:16:57)
0:00:35Taylor Swift’s SNL appearance, Twitter trending topics with healthcare a distinct fourth
0:01:50JCD on two Republicans on floor at 10pm
0:03:17Producer Segment: $1k of No Agenda funds to Interplast Foundation, Micky’s “giant check”
0:06:50No Taylor Swift on ACC’s “VCR”; new V reboot an Obama metaphor, “David Icke lizards”
0:09:52Operation Iraqi Freedom GAO report, media never linking to reports or bills lest readers leave site, ACC: “links are the currency of the internet”; ACC working with GTD Getting Things Done system, JCD: “does it involve changing your diet or hypnosis?”, JCD: “I bought milk: it works! … I put my underwear on the right way, check!”
0:19:26JCD on Canadian TSA experience: “what a bunch of dicks those guys are!”, shaving foam false alarm, two-to-the-head sound effect, JCD duck call; article by former cop on “do I have the right to refuse” puffer machine and inept patdowns; request for low-bit-rate version
0:27:57Leno boycott over 10pm spot bumping dramas; Law & Order medical marijuana for cervical cancer propaganda, “these mints could take bark off a tree”, “ball cancer, three years ago”, ACC: “it does impair your ability to shoot”; producer note on abortion episode and healthcare bill bouncing back and forth between House and Senate
0:37:35And Now Back to Real News: Glamour magazine Women of the Year Awards including Laura Ling & Euna Lee, JCD on writing lists over lunch with potato chips
0:42:12JCD’s map of bill’s path through Congress, resolution conference up next, JCD: “cocktails at six”, Pelosi jail amendment; Law & Order: “there are too many office holders in the health industry’s pockets, it’s one of the reasons we can’t pass a decent healthcare bill in this country”
0:49:40Obama on Fort Hood shooting: “clear Texas afternoon” setup, Soldier Readiness Processing Center “where they get their teeth checked and their medical records in order”, terrorism “crime against our nation”, melodramatic “tearing off bullet-riddled clothes to treat the injured”; Men Who Stare at Goats and MKULTRA
0:58:52Shooter Nidal Hasan in dishdasha on security camera, large capacity magazines, not a gun nut, apartment cleaned out; distraction theory, alleged links to al-Qaeda, failure of Patriot Act up for renewal; “not a terrorist attack” = “terrorist attack”; ACC on meeting guy who did three tours in Iraq, recommends War, Inc. film; single unidentified civilian shot and killed
1:11:56Donation Segment: Saskatoon “Paris of Canada”; $200 Associate Executive Producer
1:23:24Timothy Geithner none too pleased about $1T cap on “TARP on steroids” bailout, gold briefly at $1100, ACC: “it’s gonna blow through two thousand”; pasteable donation links, JCD “It’s a Done Deal” program
1:26:35Times Online interview with Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein, “I’m just a banker doing God’s work”; Lord Monckton on COP 15 treaty: “world government” and wealth transfer to third world for “climate debt”, “election” absent from document