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145 The WOCU Show (2009-11-05)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey kids, don’t shake, fist!” (0:52:54)
0:00:34“Remember, remember, the fifth of November”; ACC’s MacBook Pro dead screen crisis
0:04:07Producer Segment: Associate Executive Producer rank
0:05:46Apple changes peripheral connectors once again, DisplayPort dongle from Apple Store
0:07:36Czech President Vaclav Klaus signs Lisbon Treaty, “United States of Europe”, José Manuel Barroso: £155 yearly per UK household in new EU taxes; Unocal pipeline and Karzai victory
0:12:57Afghan counter-narcotics minister: NATO forces taxing opium production; WOCU World Currency Unit; gold hits record high $1088.50 after India purchases 200 metric tons from IMF, ACC’s Russian dental assistant admiring gold inlays, JCD: “I think it’s time to sell”
0:19:16Obama pulls Secretary of Army John McHugh from district that has been Republican since 1873, pits Dede Scozzafava against Doug Hoffman over Republican principles; Glenn Beck acute appendicitis two-to-the-head theory; Timothy Hampton’s 17th floor plunge not a suicide
0:28:16Part of ACTA leaked, JCD: Cory Doctorow “one step removed from Richard Stallman”; WHO scientists’ GMO swine flu patent; JCD on effort to get Stallman on Cranky Geeks stymied by GNU/Linux ultimatum; bogus transition from Drupal to SharePoint
0:38:13No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: CBC’s long vaccine lines, Calgary Flames “jump the queue” scandal, BC Lions coach: no high fives; Council on Foreign Relations panelist suggests fake shortage, NYT on seasonal flu shortage; French researchers on nanoparticle adjuvants; Dutch 95% swine flu propaganda; H1N1 in pets; JCD on cyanide-laced Chilean grapes
0:48:18478k sickened in Ukraine hemorrhagic flu outbreak, “valid to assume” AH1N1; leaked 2006 IBM document: 100% chance of planned pandemic in next five years; JCD Obama fist bump theory; CDC immunization panel’s Marie McCormick, autism debunking background; Cocoa Krispies immunity marketing, JCD: “museum item”, FDA targeting supplements
0:57:37Donation Segment: Atlas Shrugged hollow book, ACC recommends Australia film
1:09:55New illness made up by pharmaceutical companies: FSD female sexual dysfunction “restless vagina syndrome”, LexaFem with “horny goat weed extract”; producer The Ukraine note; AMA FSD article a prelude to real diagnoses and more lucrative prescriptions
1:16:19Al Gore to Jeremy Paxman on “metaphorical green cathedral” over generations, Our Choice book and religious training programs; stammering “we have changed out our lightbulbs”, “walking the walk” lie; on “mixed motives”: “I’ve advocated these policies for more than thirty years” vs rap CD labeling, JCD on 1970s SO2 cap and trade parallel; Gore investments “consistent with my values and beliefs”, dietary meat reduction, ACC: “it looks like he ate himself, he’s huge”, vegetarianism “personal choice”; upcoming Copenhagen COP 15; Gore refuses to debate Vaclav Klaus due to scheduling conflict
1:28:28JCD calls for No Agenda manifesto, ACC: “screw the government, global warming is bullshit, now pass me the steak and good wine”; Hillary Clinton in Lahore: “we tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see happening in Pakistan”
1:32:54UK Science Museum green “prove it” for climate change at COP 15, 1825 “count me ins” vs 6428 “count me outs”; police NPOIU national public order intelligence unit “domestic extremist” database tracking protestors; Philadelphia FBI office soliciting tattoo shops for alerts on customer cash payments or appearance changes, “concealment of extremist symbols”
1:40:00£8 fine and credit card destruction inflicted on CVC for lack of ID on train; JCD recommends Nien Cheng’s Life and Death in Shanghai and Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here