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144 Hemorrhagic Flu Outbreak! (2009-11-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m old!” (0:51:23)
0:00:33Happy World Vegan Day; ACC on first of month “bunny bunny”; UK climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save planet; 1851 Vegetarian Society; ¬£3bn per year for poor countries
0:03:40Republicans foreign policy advice from Oliver North; fake Kim Jong-il in Clinton meeting; Indian man sues Axe manufacturer for not getting him laid; Newsweek front cover Tony Blair “yes we can”, runner-up Jan Peter “Harry Potter” Balkenende; Merkel “Arbeit, Arbeit, Arbeit
0:08:50Producer Segment
0:10:10Mainstream media finally getting a clue about “saved or created”; Michelle Obama on healthcare (insurance) reform; ACC gripes about DH Unplugged “Crackpot” role
0:13:00Researcher Dr. Diane Harper¬†“who seems to specialize in dropping bombshells” admits Gardasil’s adverse events outnumber cervical cancer cases; branding costs and move from treatment to “prevention”, ACC: “just keep giving us illnesses all the time”, JCD’s helium Skype
0:20:37No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Sid the Science Kid video revisited, not-so-subtle “mwahahaha”; Shepard Smith: “we’re tracking H1N1”, New York healthcare workers protesting vaccination requirement, “children are required to have a lot of shots”, “you’ve done no research on this thing”, CDC “dozens and dozens and hundreds of dedicated people”, ACC: “you suck ass, what do you think?”, weak interviewee “well you know”, dick conclusion: “I wouldn’t have let it on the air, all right”; ironic CNN headline “H1N1 spreading as supply of vaccine grows”
0:38:30Two-hour House M.D. special with “strategically placed” creepy wind-up doll Pristiq ad
0:42:10Ukraine political chaos with “Princess Leia” Yulia Tymoshenko, refusal to take IMF money, lockdown over viral pneumonia; August claim by Joseph Moshe that Baxter International Ukraine lab was creating biological weapon, “unidentified” virus, “hemorrhagic flu”, “lungs filled with blood”; JCD on CBC standing in “Star Wars movie” line stories
0:50:32Donation Segment:
0:55:56Bay Bridge still closed, no terrorism theories, Caltrans engineering incompetence (JCDPPotD); crappy Chinese steel recycled from World Trade Centers
0:58:47Numb3rs Pentagon Section 44 scenario, “she’s been implanted with a microchip so she can be located at any time”, JCD’s son on cool factor of being chipped
1:04:203.5% GDP increase, vehicles and durable goods thanks to “Cash for” programs; Nouriel Roubini on “largest carry trade in history”, capital gains via borrowing money at 0%
1:10:43Abdullah Abdullah drops out of Afghan presidential race
1:13:32ACC ignored completely over construction noise, “if these guys can make noise pollution, I can make light pollution” laser pointer plan, Oatmeal & Granola “pigeon kids” saved from threatening crow; JCD’s seagull eaten by golden eagle; plan B: chained naked to equipment
1:19:16Army recruiting 30k civilian jobs; Northwest pilots overshooting Minneapolis, 78 minutes without ATC contact bullcrap, ACARS failure, 30 minutes on voice recorder, “routine aircraft maintenance” overwriting recording, ACC: “that plane should have been immediately put in quarantine”, “missing time event” abduction theory, captain’s 20k hours on A320
1:26:15Large Hadron Collider time-travel sabotage theory; EU approves three types of GMO corn; Czech Republic all-in on Lisbon Treaty; WSJ: wettest harvest “since man can remember”
1:32:12And Now Back to Real News: Taylor Swift guitars on Amazon, SNL appearance; Wired H1N1 vaccine shills; bogus White House visitor list, no release of “purely personal guests”
1:41:20New distracting charts and graphs; ACC from the future