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143 Obama Sells Out To China (2009-10-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “We got, we got your dull needles right here, line up!” (1:04:39)
0:00:37San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge fiasco (JCDPPotD), bridge Twitter feed; ACC jolted awake by 6:15 construction noise, “I’m from the government, I’m here to help”, drill bit emergency and “officer Cliff”; eminent domain and railroads
0:09:44New York Times on Karzai’s brother on CIA payroll; strange “the president is powerful” at Robert Gibbs press briefing, “interesting if inexplicable”, on Karzai: “I will refer questions about that story to the CIA”, “Robert Gibbs Show” 40 minutes of question dodging, laughing at Helen Thomas; Letterman’s “more fun than reading Sarah Palin’s memoir” bit
0:19:33Atrazine’s demasculinization effects on frogs and possibly humans; MacNeil/Lehrer Report underwritten by Chevron, GE, and Monsanto
0:24:49Producer Segment
0:25:39Record snowfall in Colorado thanks to global warming, JCD’s friend’s assertion that it “barely snows” in Denver; JCD’s son requests discussion about “how to thicken gravy”
0:28:28Molly Wood and son sick after getting swine flu vaccine; HHS not releasing mortality numbers, only 3% of victims black; adjuvant mixing needles; article linking H1N1 to tuberculosis; patronizing Kathleen Sebelius, “outbreak” meme, right-wing “dithering” meme
0:40:50“Paymaster” Kenneth Feinberg shutting up 9/11 families, pro-Obama GE CEO Jeff Immelt immune to pay cut mandates; Law & Order gruesome botched abortion account
0:51:11Flash photography warning in prelude to Japanese actress Noriko Sakai drug bust story, “nought point nought nought eight grams” of stimulant drug, JCD “24 grains of salt”, vs 25mg of thimerosal “trace amount” in vaccine
0:55:40Obama delegates NDAA Section 1512 authority to Chinese-American Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, authority to inform Congress of missile and space technology transfers to China
1:01:07Donation Segment: Gitmo Nation Lowlands
1:08:53General Accounting Office study: DHS may need to require ISPs to block certain traffic in the event bankers are out sick with swine flu, “Save Page As…” recommendation
1:12:24Key Bernie Madoff witness Jeffry Picower found at the bottom of his own pool
1:13:40And Now Back to Real News: endless So You Think You Can Dance contestant roster
1:16:42Producer’s attempt at a No Agenda ad with left vs right audio channel
1:18:06Farmers up in arms over 50% plunge in milk prices due to lifting duties on Israeli milk products, pro- and anti-Israel PR war, USA Today spin: “oversupply, falling export demand, and continued high prices for supplies such as feed”, JCD’s Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk
1:24:02Ten-meter-wide meteorite explodes above Indonesia, nuclear test ban sensors triggered, “took astronomers completely by surprise”, Google News 19 articles vs World Series 11k
1:26:53Spike in Massachusetts heroin-related deaths; first DEA agents in Afghanistan killed in helicopter crash, JCD: “do you think the next DEA guys that are coming over there to look things over are going to be a little more amenable?”
1:29:08Outro: ACC calls bullshit on Northwest pilots overshooting Minneapolis airport