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142 Obamaland (2009-10-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “So they’ve destroyed four hundred and fifty tons of food in a starving area, see, these numbers don’t make any sense!” (1:12:13)
0:00:38ACC’s RN74 dinner, Michael Mina’s star losses, Liberty Farm duck, train station decor
0:04:02Producer Segment
0:05:31Fox News-Obama “pissing contest”, Fox running Chia Obama ad, Seattle Airport shop Obama “yes we can-dy” mints, JCD proposes Obama marionette
0:12:29Swine flu national emergency allowing hospital triage tents; Molly Wood’s “sorry Adam” for son’s vaccination, blog post with Prison Planet and; vaccine excise tax, triple tax on MMR, charter flight per-segment tax; Major League Baseball flu vaccine sweepstakes
0:25:19Creepy Sid the Science Kid animated music video: “the virus won’t spread if we we don’t let it, so roll up your sleeves and come and get it!”; the future of big pharma; Horowitz note on body bags for Northeast; FAQ: “none of the H1N1 vaccines currently distributed by the US government contains adjuvants”, “if needed” clause, olive oil squalene; Swedish adverse reactions, JCD on disappearing machine translation software
0:36:31Potential for swine flu bank holiday, get rid of paper money for public health
0:38:37“Piece of crap” official portrait of Obamas by Annie Leibovitz
0:40:44Rep. Alan Grayson grills Federal Reserve attorney, “I don’t think it’s that overbroad”
0:44:01Asian leaders meeting in Thailand promise EU-style association by 2015
0:46:00Welcome to Obamaland author James Delingpole to Glenn Beck on living under “grinning monkey” Tony Blair and “aging Politburo chief” Gordon Brown, UK pedophile screening, fox hunting ban, cap and trade “supranational controls” by unelected bureaucrats, trash spying; Alex Jones 2.5-hour The Fall of the Republic documentary
0:55:00Pew survey: belief in global warming dropped from 77% to 57% in two years; 16% of news coverage in past week about “balloon boy”
0:56:49Donation Segment: Sequoia Capital mailing list alerted to show by Jason Calacanis Obama administration to announce existence of extraterrestrial life, secret UN meetings over “openness policy”, LCROSS South Pole moon base, increase in UFO sightings, V series revival; JCD on red-tailed hawk eating seagull
1:08:42Boston Globe on marines compensating Afghan farmer for damage to poppy field, Kandahar hashish production, 450 tons of poppy seeds destroyed
1:14:12FDIC’s Sheila Bair: “as we pass the one hundredth bank failure of 2009”, bank “healing process”, authority to borrow from Treasury Department, “we are the government”, banks prepaying three years worth of insurance premiums
1:20:31Advair ad with diversity of actors; ACC on Nutrisystem legal disclaimers at Mevio; ACC proposes No Agenda ad
1:26:08Don Draper’s “ice queen wife” on Mad Men: “I hate this place, I hate out friends, I hate this town”; Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom: “we know that the free market is nonsense”, “we kind of agree with Mao, that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun”
1:31:39ACC on net neutrality: “It’s like Harry Potter is running the FCC”, blocked by various countries and companies; Hulu to start charging fees