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141 Who Is John Brek? (2009-10-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well, I thought that you, you didn’t answer me back so I figured if I put milfy in there you’d go running over to see it. Since I know your style.” (1:34:23)
0:00:40Happy International Caps Lock Day, ACC on radio “liner cards” and e-mails from Scott Shannon in all caps, JCD on uppercase PSAs
0:04:25Family Guy fake ad for “Sitcom Punchlines of the 80s”, ACC’s audition for WKRP remake
0:06:03Galleon Group’s Raj Rajaratnam insider trading distraction, Wall Street Journal cartoon
0:11:29Obama “floating around” doing fundraising speeches; three domestic terrorism incidents in a week, “home-grown” meme, John Brek name highlighted, Huffington Post misspelling
0:18:35Drug use by US soldiers in Afghanistan up, “they spend most of their time sitting around waiting for a mission, which only opens up that much more of an opportunity to take some heroin”, Vietnam fractal, “today’s Taliban are yesterday’s Mujahideen”, bogus new “ability for smokable heroin”, “this is concern to our mediā€¦ our army officers”; camps surrounding poppy fields; pro-rape Republican Sen. Kit Bond all-in on troop increase to thwart strengthening Taliban, JCD “good morning Vietnam” spliced in, final poppy harvest in next month;, DoD and White House opposing Franken amendment
0:34:38Space scientist Stewart Nozette arrested on espionage charges, involved in NASA DoD LCROSS bombing of Israeli moon bases
0:38:13Producer Segment
0:38:56Pope Benedict’s sudden “church within a church” for Church of England; UN nuclear expert Timothy Hampton falls to death from 17th floor, “no suspicious circumstances”, The Sun on incident “a day before taking part in crucial talks with Iran”, “murder is one possibility, suicide is another”
0:48:25United States Institute for Peace chairman J. Robinson West of PFC Energy; Hillary Clinton asked about US grabbing Pakistani nukes and Kerry-Lugar economic hit man bill, “moving very rapidly to try to fill that void” gobbledygook
0:56:16Robert Gibbs “before we get started with our regularly scheduled programming”, “jobs saved under the recovery plan” report MIA, Jared Bernstein on 250k jobs in education “saved or created thus far”, “preliminary data”, “we’re engaged in what is clearly the most transparent and accountable treatment of a government program that really has ever, I think, been seen heretofore”, ACC: “this guy is Jared Bernstein Goebbels”, “direct jobs” confusing “saved” with “created”, “indirect jobs” via shopping, “we’ve saved or created about a million jobs so far; ”that estimate includes both direct and indirect jobs“, ”so, just to be clear“
1:09:02Canada Free Press on Michelle Obama’s twenty “servants”
1:12:17No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: 60 Minutes end-of-show vaccine plug; Sequoia Capital mailing list thread with Jason Calacanis: “this shit is deadly!”; Monsanto GMO pig patent; Glaxo PowerPoint on the perks of being in vaccine business, “why do we need better adjuvants?”, 180M doses ordered by federal government; MedImmune’s highly redacted warning letter from FDA, “numerous environmental monitoring excursions from mold in downstream processing”; “can’t produce it fast enough” meme, Sebelius on reliance on foreign companies
1:30:02Fast Forward “pigmentation”; CSI: Miami farmer on losing land to patented seed “drift”
1:33:29Donation Segment: JCD on 8080 phone number “code”
1:40:09Baucus bill section 2215 “high-risk pools” for gun owners, ACC on last-minute insurance-buying loophole, JCD on C-band one-day HBO subscription, Section 1301 “excise tax”