Call Clooney!

1411 Norgay (2021-12-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Everyone’s getting tested! … I have to get tested! We all have to get tested!” (0:17:25)
0:00:36JCD’s California “atmospheric river of doom” delivers no snow to speak of, ACC tries to untangle Trump and climate change threads in Don’t Look Up film; Ursula von der Leyen excoriated for using private jet to travel 31 miles from Vienna to Bratislava in the days after COP26; even Scott Galloway talking about investing in medium-size nuclear plants
0:06:0113M locked down in Xi’an China over 250 cases; Andrew Horowitz freaking out over test shortages; KPIX on long lines at testing facilities; “chaos and disorder” at drugstores selling home tests; Dutch word of the year prikspijt “jab regret”; Scott Adams questions rationality of everyone’s decisions; pharmacist struggles to process blank vaccine insert: “I should not be giving these vaccines at all”, JCD bemoans the rise of the “pill counters”
0:26:24Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cordially invites detractor Jake Tapper to a debate; Canadian health officer Theresa Tam lies to children about Santa’s vaccination status; CBS quotes WHO as declaring Santa “immune from COVID”; Boris Johnson: jab for Jesus; ICU administrator identifies “guilt” in the eyes of the unvaccinated, JCD on parallel with 1920s lobotomy fad; Dr. Peter “vaccinate the world” Hotez plugs his own vaccine business; CNN’s Johathan Reiner contemplates omicron apocalypse; “three-dose base”; This Week in Virology four-month cycle
0:44:50New York & CDC adopt truncated quarantine, NFL says no to asymptomatic spread; United & Delta blame delays on omicron; Jamie Yuccas vs Norah “sourpuss” O’Donnell, “travel nightmares!” and Santa lies; Biden responds to “let’s go Brandon”; Norwegian “gay Santa” psyop; Tuskegee University’s ironic vaccine mandate; Biden lifts racist African travel ban
1:08:04Late night talk show Google Year in Search ad buy psyop “how to heal” compilation; new 4chan theory with pro-vaccine deep state Trump paving the way for Hillary; Hillary’s recent victory speech read as native ad for her resilience MasterClass
1:24:5656% of British citizens now boosted; NTD holiday gathering recommendations; Merck plays second fiddle to Pfizer in the oral antiviral race, “PTSD situation” whipsaw, “short supply” of monoclonal antibody effective against omicron; Paxlovid and “undetected HIV” or fentanyl; producer note on increase in HIV warnings from state of Tennessee
1:33:25Defunct “secret Santa” phenomenon resurrected by East Idaho local news and Subaru
1:37:25From the archive: Donald Trump “No Agenda in the morning”
1:38:37Producer Segment: JCD sweetens “during that pod” segment
2:19:13Alex Jones “glow in the dark dogs” revisited, Good Morning America father-daughter gender reassignment story from 2017, Obama-era story of China killing or imprisoning CIA informants
2:23:34Cheers for guilty verdict for Kim Potter in Daunte Wright manslaughter trial; story of LAPD killing bystander amidst Burlington Coat Factory mayhem featured on Chinese CGTN; Harvard Prof. Charles Lieber found guilty of lying about Wuhan nanotechnology project, JCD on Chinese vs California zipper merges: “bumpin’ bumpin’ bumpin’, and that’s China”
2:39:45Some HBCUs dispensing CARES Act funds directly into student bank accounts; WION on $100bn “gobbled up by scammers”; UK policy document Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener; Klaus Schwab boasts about the spectrum of leadership he has in thrall; Pope’s “death was announced” flub by ITV newsreader; article by William Engdahl on Schwab and Liberation Theology proponent “Red Bishop” Hélder Câmara, JCD: “bad choice”
2:54:00Donation Segment
3:08:02Hail science!” iso; Japan’s 98% successful H-IIA rocket; Mikhail Gorbachev’s “farewell tour”