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1410 Spock Tiled (2021-12-23)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Okay, aright, maybe I got COVID … have ta go get tested…” (0:23:31)
0:00:35JCD’s California “atmospheric river of doom” back for the third time: “it’s raining”; M5M takes pains to point out that the country’s first “omicron death” was an unvaccinated Texan, health department “cannot say that COVID was the actual cause of death”; ABC World News Tonight “the COVID threat rises again!” teaser; “we can still overwhelm our hospital systems” with common colds; Boris Johnson threatens “further action”; UK health minister Gillian Keegan admits to Sky News that there are ten omicron cases in hospital; Tedros Adhanom “boosters to kill children” flub; Southern California booster mandates; ESPN host: “I’d take a shot every Monday morning if they told me that’s what I am supposed to do”
0:16:28ESPN prevails in money battle with YouTube; Californians lining up to “make sure they are healthy”, Biden administration to buy 10M doses of new Pfizer antiviral, JCD: “whatever happened to wash your hands?”; family vs hospital in Chicago “anti-worm” ivermectin suit; Dr. Peter Hotez fails to disclose his involvement in vaccine manufacturing; Israel rolling out fourth dose; Australia mandates third dose; JCD predicts April 1 fifth dose; Washington DC vaccine mandate so critical it doesn’t take effect until January 15; “Bald Larry” Lightfoot’s coercive health order “inconvenient by design”; Xi’an China lockdown “glitch”
0:37:25Producer note on push for vaccines on children’s schedule to shift liability; contract advice from travel ICU nurse; Kamala Harris lies “we are prepared”; Leana Wen: Biden’s promised 500M tests “very littlemm”, JCD on predictably antagonistic black TV bosses; “surging” demand for testing; Biden announces taxpayer-funded at-home testing; The BMJ vs Facebook fact checkers; Candace Owens tries and fails to get Trump to moderate his vaccine mania; US Army’s pan-coronavirus vaccine; FDA approves mRNA HIV PrEP injection Apretude
1:00:41ACC’s dog Phoebe identified as an Akbash Turkish shepherd dog
1:05:12Rebuttal to rebuttal from Scott Adams about Desmet mass formation theory
1:21:34Producer Segment: “my husband loves your stupid show”
2:13:51SquirrelMail and AWS outages; Kara Swisher declines to acknowledge Podcasting 2.0
2:17:08Fauci responds to The Real Anthony Fauci by “very disturbed individual” RFK Jr., Sen. Ted Kennedy “a real warrior for public health”, ACC: “especially if you’re in a car upside down in a river”; EU-WEF document leak; Oracle buys medical records company Cerner for $28bn
2:26:08JCD 3x3: ABC 12 days of Christmas cookies and Coca Cola giant checks, NBC links Don’t Look Up movie to climate change, CBS brain cancer; Shemeka Michelle notes “sex work is work” in evaluating the career of “truly unlikeable” Kamala Harris
2:31:30Biden raves about “torches and Nazi banners” in elaborated “very fine people” myth (CotD); incoherent renditions of various talking points, “today we Spock tiled enough… we stockpiled enough”; contradictory advice from Fauci on avoiding large holiday gatherings
2:43:28AOC gripes about Sen. Joe Manchin’s “fundamentally undemocratic” killing of $1.7T Build Back Better bill; AP tries to score points against Gov. Greg Abbott with pardon for George Floyd; Mayor Eric Adams defends solitary confinement
2:53:20Disappearing evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell trial, FBI’s $548M for paid informants
2:54:50Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte to sue publications claiming she was born male
2:56:59Donation Segment
3:11:34Festivus is back!” iso; Vladimir Putin threatens to put AI in charge of his nukes; German gas prices spike after Gazprom throws pipeline into reverse; 52 more Starlink satellites in orbit