Call Clooney!

140 Pro-Rape Republicans (2009-10-18)

Show 140 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Zan-dum.” JCD: “Zan-dum.” ACC: “Zan-dum.” JCD: “Zan-dum.” ACC: “Zan-dum.” JCD: “Okay!” (1:33:23)
0:00:39JCD: “for a lot of people this show is church”
0:01:33Producer Segment: first vegan executive producer
0:03:21Newsgeek review: “two of the most cynical and elitist people alive”
0:04:48Shadow Puppet Theater: COO of SEC enforcement Adam Storch from Goldman Sachs
0:09:44ACC recommends Where the Wild Things Are but not going to the theater Saturday night; JCD on Leo’s individually-wrapped PG Tips teabags, “a delicious brew fit for a monkey”
0:12:52Harrods selling gold bars, JCD on doubling money with lead
0:14:21Micky suspecting no return by Bill Maher, losing audience via Obama Afghanistan rabbit-hole, polio vs swine flu, Maher “special needs” bigotry; FDA approves Gardasil for boys, ACC: “what kid at nine gets genital warts?”
0:19:48Tony Blair poised for EU presidency, blessing by the Pope after conversion to Catholicism, Jimmy DeYoung on Middle East peace deal and Book of Daniel Antichrist prophecy, JCD on stilted preachers and speaking in tongues, new divergent Bible translations for evangelicals
0:26:14VeriChip Health Link medical record RFID chip ad’s “secure online database”
0:30:50Al Franken amendment to forbid contractors to require employee gang rape waiver, JCD on First Amendment vs nondisclosure agreements, “no” votes from “pro-rape Republicans” like Graham & McCain, Franken on Jamie Leigh Jones case with KBR requiring arbitration, faulty wiring in KBR showers, “she was locked in a shipping container with an armed guard”
0:42:16Audit shows Virginia paid $2bn for computer upgrade by Northrup Grumman, ACC: “this has Vivek’s fingerprints all over it, doesn’t it?”, JCD on “king of outsourcing” Aneesh Chopra; UK £5bn NHS computerization; total bill for a US military gallon of gas in Afghanistan: $400, Murtha: “worrisome”; pro-war Alec Baldwin, richest people in the US Democrats; JCD on Democrat war party, Vietnam and Afghanistan face-saving
0:52:06ACC to challenge baby-stealing TSA over laptop sleeve; 80k signatures for New York 9/11 reinvestigation no enough for referendum, WTC 7 SEC and Rumsfeld’s missing $2.3T
0:58:59UK Financial Services Agency and Financial Stability Board asks G20 for global financial regulation; Timothy Geithner’s advisors making millions working for Goldman Sachs
1:01:29No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: CDC news brief “key flu indicators”, rates climbing, “widespread influenza activity”; three pigs test positive in Minnesota, JCD: “is somebody putting the screws to the pork industry?”, precautionary culling to drive up pork price; Florida health officials to bar terminal patents from hospitals swamped with flu cases; Boston Herald on inmates getting “coveted” vaccinations; Germany reserving adjuvant-free vaccines for government employees; Albany Supreme Court blocks “get vaccinated or you’re fired” policy
1:15:33And Now Back to Real News: BBC changes the end of Humpty Dumpty to “made Humpty happy again”; leaked memo about Obama controlling television content; Obama in Texas addressing Bush 41’s Points of Light Institute, JCD on Obama’s holy trinity {education, health, energy}, Democrat ridicule for “thousand points of light”, Obama: Bush “easily could have chosen a life of comfort and privilege”; JCD recommends Zoom H2 DVR
1:27:29Donation Segment: ACC echoing knighting ceremony