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1409 Viral Blizzard (2021-12-19)

Show 1409 album art
0:00:00JCD: “She might as well have a mustache!” (0:03:01)
0:00:35JCD’s homemade pickled turnips; Kathy Hochul’s Hitler mustache; San Diego “surge on a surge on a surge”, “three is now the new two”; “COVID classic” account of vaccinated and boosted New Yorkers testing positive; ACC’s sisters captured by the mass formation, JCD: “heartless bitches”; “last minute” Dutch lockdown outlaws more than four Christmas guests; we doen het voor de zorg mantra; Michael Osterholm predicts “viral blizzard”; NPR notes reset to March 2020, “shameless propaganda” switcheroo from omicron to crowded hospitals, JCD blames public transportation, Mark Rutte’s “not a punishment”, Saturday Night Live jettisons audience; Michael Smerconish echoes Biden’s “winter of severe illness and death”
0:29:18Scott Adams attempts to debunk Mattias Desmet’s mass formation theory: Peter McCullough “not good at evaluating data”, Adams’ Gell-Mann Amnesia effect and self-debunking Nazi Germany reference, laugh tell for “I thought everybody always had free-floating anxiety”
0:53:46CNBC on Pfizer’s plans for “three-dose vaccine across the board”; Rochelle Walensky applies variation on climate change ploy to mild omicron cases “because of vaccine protection”; new “test to stay” strategy being rolled out in public schools, eMed-Abbott partnership for supervised testing; Biden administration warning about doubling or tripling of demand for rapid tests, ACC on the lookout for unveiling of Gates-Soros testing enterprise
1:07:51House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis releases anti-Trump “Big Lie” year-end report; FOIA e-mail from Francis Collins to Fauci demands “quick and devastating takedown” of Barrington Declaration; JPMorgan fined $200M for years of allowing off-the-record employee communications, JCD: “I guess Hillary could do it”; warnings about “Christmas Tree Syndrome” in the UK; recent publication COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Radiation Recall Phenomenon, JCD on peculiar San Francisco Exploratorium display of hot and cold copper coils showing thermal grill illusion
1:19:55Producer Segment: Facebook podcasts debacle; Kamala cackle compilation
2:02:56Finger-wagging Kamala scolds “urban radio” host Charlamagne Tha God for suggesting Joe Manchin is the real president: “and I’m Vice President and my name is Kamala Harris”, Symone Sanders attempts to cut the interview short with “technical difficulties”
2:10:40Show 1408’s NPR “both she and I did not cover our hair” needling of Taliban leader revisited, Sir Onymous notes Muslim male culture of not meeting eyes with women; Pentagon spokeshole John Kirby admits “there were procedural breakdowns” in Kabul drone strike that killed ten civilians but no one will be disciplined, JCD: “Kirby is a dick”
2:17:46JCD corrects NPR story about school closings from “learning virtually” to “learning virtually nothing”; California-style smash and grab mall robbery in Austin thanks to Soros-anointed district attorney; JCD debunks stories about San Fransisco residents leaving trunks open, ACC on 1980s New York City tradition of “NO RADIO” car signs
2:22:58Ghislaine Maxwell declines to testify in her own trial, ACC: “she pretty much did everything”
2:26:45NPR Science Friday shills for Pfizer with Viagra vs Alzheimer’s correlation study
2:28:28Donation Segment
2:39:12“I think it really destroyed my brain” iso; Sen. John Kennedy grills Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho: “do you generally tweet things you don’t mean?”
2:47:01Elizabeth Holmes case about to be turned over to the jurors, JCD predicts two years served, ACC: “we’ll have pictures of her in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash”