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1408 Booster Blitz (2021-12-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boost, boost, boost.” (1:08:21)
0:00:31Liberal intellectual elite hosts of The Hill’s Rising discuss ivermectin’s effectiveness in Africa: “we don’t have a lot of worms here in the United States” (CotD); Dr. Peter McCullough to Joe Rogan on COVID-HIV connection, improbable death count “scoreboard”; Michael Osterholm gloats at the “from COVID” deaths of his conservative detractors; McCullough on SPARS scenario as effort to “railroad the population into mass vaccination”; Show 109 comments on push for 600M doses of swine flu vaccine, JCD: “they’re not gonna get away with it”
0:16:45Jackson Hole “going direct” banking agreement from September 2019, JCD on Silicon Valley insider selling; Nancy Pelosi marvels at pervasive “attitude of lawlessness”; ABC positions omicron as ingredient in future variants; NPR scolds states that are not in lockstep with California in instituting mask mandate; JCD on ghastly-looking public health busybodies drunk with power, UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty predicts record infections “fairly soon after Christmas”, JCD on working with unhinged public health “rat poop experts”; Jordan Peterson on the lesson of the Holocaust: “you are the Nazi”; Executive Order 14058 Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery To Rebuild Trust in Government
0:37:26Propane delivery ransomware and East Coast rolling blackout warnings; 2010 BBC article on production of AdBlue from pig urine, producer note on use by coal and gas power plants
0:43:31NPR on “power of the vaccines” vs omicron, “no need for a variant-specific booster” from Fauci, breathless speculation about “how bad things might get”; Gov. Chris Sununu’s “booster blitz”; ABC on omicron in the fully vaccinated in professional sports, JCD’s “gambling interests” theory based on LeBron James’ “fishy” tweet; Bloomberg on global booster push; EU vaccine passport’s accommodation for up to eight doses; disappointing results for Pfizer’s “Tamiflu of COVID” pill; Scott Gottlieb explains the science to CBS: yearly boosters will be needed because “it’s gonna drift over time”; NTD on suspension of Amtrak vaccine mandate
1:04:54United Airlines’ stock buybacks on the taxpayer dime,; Jen Psaki blames “the greed of meat conglomerates” for inflation; South African Medical Association’s Dr. Angelique Coetzee: “it is mild disease”, JCD on the flu pandemic as impetus for Roaring ‘20’s
1:11:32JCD 3x3: ABC Good Morning America discount codes, NBC Florida toy drive, CBS focuses on Bruce Springsteen’s sale of his $500M music catalog to Sony
1:16:10JCD’s plea for Oxygen8 driver; ACC’s call and potential deal with TASCAM
1:23:48Producer Segment: PornHub year in review; Millennial Mel’s Fauci Baby
2:07:32Adam Schiff to NPR on his anti-Trump Protecting Our Democracy Act; Brinc Wall of Drones promo video with quadcopter tasing illegal immigrant; Julian Assange’s denunciation of Facebook “spying machine” from Show 301; Vippi Media Chinese propaganda influencer campaign
2:20:49Climategate: Michael Mann to Democracy Now on the virtues of censoring climate change skeptics; Serene Branson’s 2011 MKULTRA “heavy burtation” gibberish attack, ACC: “we need more of that!”; narcissist Francis Collins sings himself into retirement
2:31:38Virtual summit between Vladimir Putin & Xi Jinping; NPR Federal Reserve “stignaling” flub
2:37:58NPR gloats at needling Taliban spokesman with female reporters; BlackRock’s boardroom diversity “Chief Homeless Officer”; Operation White Elephant; Tom Hanks “new Grand Canyon”
2:46:43Donation Segment
3:05:30“Vaccination equals freedom!” iso, JCD: “the head-shaving thing is more and more appealing”
3:08:06BBC on “le Wokisme” in France; Parkland school shooting families settle with FBI for $127M