Call Clooney!

1405 No Shields, No Deals (2021-12-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh, that’s great!” (1:24:39)
0:00:32Biden’s “cold” or body double, JCD: “he’s jacked up with ephedrine”; Peter Doocy challenges Jen Psaki’s claim that high-profile retail thefts can be blamed on pandemic, ACC on “equity” from elites as professional looters; Rockefeller Foundation head Rajiv Shah blames emerging variants on vaccine inequality; World Bank’s David Malpass bemoans lack of global liability shield for vaccine makers, JCD: “no shield, no deal”; Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials podcast: chest pain in children is perfectly normal; ABC “breaking news” with spread of not-particularly-troublesome omicron; WION on genetic sequence found in common cold and HIV; WHO proposes “pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord”
0:23:48Jimmy Kimmel monologue defends Fauci from the likes of “that vile inflatable Macy’s parade balloon of dog shit Tucker Carlson”; Alex Jones threatens to “declare war on Donald Trump”; HHS troublemaker Rick Bright pushes “vaccine equity”; scripted Michael Osterholm podcast: omicron “the two hundred and ten mile an hour curve ball comin’ in straight and center”; Biden “omnicron”/“omnicrom” compilation; Axelrod and crew recommend Biden be more angry; SCI CEO raises EPS guidance 33% thanks again in part to “non-COVID excess deaths”
0:40:24The “COVID psychosis” story of documentary photographer Ivan Agerton, “about two days after I had the vaccine I really started feeling much better”, JCD on mass hysteria cases like 1962 June bug plague; Dutch “Travelicious Family” video featuring masked goats in Rwanda; angry South African mocks British response to variant “dressed in a loincloth, carries a spear”
0:53:47Producer note on “Geocon” propaganda claiming Chinese takeover of Ugandan airport; China steps in to finance Ethiopian Tigray War and Blue Nile dam, JCD: “the Chinese throw money away”; producer note on new Chinese embassy and cricket stadium in Antigua
1:02:12“Drop the hammer” violent language for boosters; Jim Cramer worships Pfizer & Moderna CEOs; insider: Pfizer about to swap in “grey cap” Cominarty; Nolechek’s Meats vs USDA
1:10:37Protests across Europe and Australia; producer note: New Brunswick to require vaccine passports at grocery stores; Trudeau assures children they can soon get vaccinated
1:13:36ACC OTG: 2026 vehicle kill switch mandate, producer note on big tech CDP “customer data platform”, customer service voice printing, JCD on 1980s-era smart card mania
1:25:51Producer Segment: random gallery of unlistenable podcast openings
2:04:57JCD’s new “piece of crap” Chinese microphone; Elizabeth “Blondie” Holmes accuses ex-boyfriend Sunny Balwani of rape in Theranos trial; “household manual” for Epstein employees revealed in Ghislaine Maxwell trial, JCD declines ambush interview of Maxwell’s sister
2:13:48New MI6 head Richard Moore on the global China threat; WaPo predicts Russian assault on Ukraine, Politico teases “alternative Mueller report”; warnings about SpaceX from Elon Musk
2:20:39JCD triggers ACC with Morning Has Broken; Seth Rogan’s vile new HBO show Santa Inc. irks “white supremacists” with gems like “I will fuck a baby shark and bite its head off!” (CotD), JCD compares and contrasts with 1972 animated film Fritz the Cat
2:33:03CNN gives Chris Cuomo the heave-ho; JCD ding-fest for Nancy Pelosi’s lies in reaction to upcoming Roe v. Wade challenge; hyperventilating Pod Save America pundit mocks Amy Coney Barrett’s position on adoption vs abortion, “alarming” comparison with vaccine mandates
2:43:53Donation Segment: ABBA CGI comeback concert; JCD proposes meetup badminton games
3:01:26Biden “you’re the best” iso, plans for “vaxillating the world”; ESPN’s Holly Rowe flubs “it’s unlikely if he will take that or not”, yesteryear’s gibberish-spouting MKULTRA reporters