Call Clooney!

1403 In Silico (2021-11-28)

Show 1403 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I’ve got some mimosas!” (2:26:26)
0:00:33Omnicon moronic omicron variant in the headlines thanks to market woes, “heart-related complications” and PTSD in list of bogus symptoms; “storm in a teacup” according to South African Medical Association; Scott Gottlieb turns to “in silico” modeling data “floating around … among virologists”, scripted “can it just be re-released like the flu shot” question; “thanks for having me on the show, David” for James Corbett soundalike on NPR
0:22:50Bewildered pilot of KLM Cape Town to Schiphol flight announces passengers may not be allowed off plane; NPR “plunked in people’s arms” question, obligatory “if you haven’t got your shot, get your shot”; Boris Johnson promises to “boost the booster campaign”; NBC sneaks in unsupported “highly transmissible” label, ACC: “it comes out at night, and only on Mondays”; variant’s origin in untreated HIV patient and Pfizer’s forthcoming repurposed HIV drug; possibility of “adjustment” to Pfizer vaccine; Frau Ingraham irked at omission of Greek letter Xi, ACC on Dutch measures seemingly singling out hospitals, Dutch OMT Outbreak Management Team, 1963 Italian science fiction film Omicron; WHO “variant of concern” announcement from Maria Van Kerkhove; producer notes on Japanese public health and diet; mysteriously un-deplatformed Dr. John Campbell discusses “coincidence” of ivermectin use in Japan; Scott Adams’ creepy tweets about the unvaccinated wishing for the vaccinated to die
0:53:31“No evidence” of mishandling of samples at Valencia Branch Laboratory; France adds booster and 24-hour testing regimen to Pass Sanitaire to make life “significantly trickier” for the unvaccinated; Australian aboriginal leader speaks out against forced vaccinations: “we are the guinea pigs”; Dr. Aseem Malhotra discusses uptick in UK cardiac deaths; producer note on red-pill vs blue-pill audiences, ACC on “falsely reassuring statistics” found in CDC’s 2021 Shimabukuro paper on COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy: “so suck it!”
1:09:47Klaus Schwab unveils “The Great Narrative” in Dubai, JCD recommends a visit to “creepy” Celebration FL; Michael Strahan to get Blue Origin free ride, JCD: “Strahan in space!”; Al Roker’s “surprise” call from the Bidens during Macy’s parade; Black Friday Christmas TV marketing barrage; celebration of douchebag Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cinematic failures
1:24:35Dogs Are People Too: “extremely dangerous” dog flu outbreak in California
1:26:20Producer Segment: JCD’s defunct “” Google technique
1:59:43NPR neglects to mention dollar figure in report of negotiations with separated Mexican families
2:02:27Damning report from Andrew Cuomo impeachment investigation reveals state employees forced to neglect pandemic to work on $5M American Crisis memoir; two Ohio counties win judgment against pharmacy chains in opioid suit, ACC amazed by viability of Hulu’s Dopesick; New York City green-lights voting in local elections by resident aliens
2:10:34Douchebag Nicolle Wallace rants about “twice-impeached disgraced ex-president” sending Ric Grenell on Serbia-Kosovo peace mission; Squaw Valley Ski Resort “vows” to rename itself, JCD: “wonder if they had a powwow over this discussion?”
2:20:43The Gap loses $300M to supply chain issues tied to Vietnam, JCD on Gap’s disastrous experiment cutting advertising budget, ACC: “and, the Vietnamese, they love you long time”
2:24:54Donation Segment
2:38:33Byeee!” iso; Biden “make the problem worse no matter what” and Alex Jones “I will eat your ass!” from Show 1239; Christine LaGarde declares “cryptos are not currencies” and embraces CBDCs, ACC’s bogus “member since 1988” American Express card