Call Clooney!

1402 Sour Crude (2021-11-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Thanks-giiiv-ing.” (0:06:25)
0:00:33ACC on No Agenda as WTBS post-headlines movie, lackluster “friendsgiving”, Grey’s Anatomy deconstructs evil colonialist hoax, JCD on idiotic “taught how to fish” myth, latest “indigenous peoples” moving target, stress accent variations; NBC’s Vicky Nguyen suggests ditching the turkey to save money and repel guests, cioppino tradition at “The Shills”
0:09:40JCD 3x3: Today cancer survivor meets Olympic hero trap shooter, JCD hypnotized by CNBC’s Robert Tiltonesque Kelly Evans and Courtney Reagan, ACC shocked at the size of Jennifer Granholm’s ears, lame Every Cake Has a Story promotion on CBS, Becky Worley “strategic savings” segment on ABC, JCD story: Worley’s black and blue rugby photos
0:26:26Biden announces release of Strategic Petroleum Reserve: “you’re the reason I was sent here, to look out for you”, ACC notes MIA “reduce our reliance on foreign oil”; NTD expert reflects on immediate price spike; Jennifer Granholm’s laugh tell signals “free fuel” lie, clueless about about daily oil consumption, price projections “more of an art than a science”, idiotic $3.19 per gallon prediction, “everybody has to … be a partner in letting people know that last year was an anomaly”; Biden “heading to a food kitchen” as he staggers off stage
0:48:5012 ships frozen in Arctic thanks to global warming, CNBC publishes COP26 record CO2 emissions estimate; Prof. David Suzuki predicts “pipelines blowin’ up” at State of Fear “Funeral for the Future” event; BBC mocks Boris Johnson’s deranged CBI Conference speech
0:57:45Not-entirely-optimistic report on impeding James Webb Space Telescope launch; DART “planetary defense mission” with Dimorphos asteroid, star-studded Don’t Look Up film from Netflix
1:10:17Ask Adam: NBC introduces “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones; two-minute compilation of “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick” lies; NPR on Pfizer’s projected $36bn from “best-selling pharmaceutical product ever”, JCD recalls MIA public domain vaccine organizations, mixed vaccine breakthrough cases unreported in Germany, Pfizer spokeshole pushes Paxlovid on Dutch TV; Ontario nurse at protest on increase in stillbirths; New Zealand nurse: “all of our wards are full” of vaccinated cardiac patients; WHO threatens “no country … is out of the woods”; Slovenian nurse decodes vaccine vials; “32 horrific mutations” in Botswana; “vaccinated, recovered, or dead” from German health minister; unhinged Northern Territory dictator Michael Gunner: all opposed to mandates are “anti-vaxxers”, 38 “close contacts” rounded up in quarantine camps; boots on the ground: 17 new cases in Tokyo
1:38:29Overcaffeinated Scott Gottlieb promotes off-label prophylactic use of antibody drugs to “sophisticated physicians”; Anthony Fauci blathers about “greater durability” from boosters; Gottlieb plants the “three dose vaccine” seed on Face the Nation; “Who’s On First” misfire
1:50:28Producer Segment: JCD question “single-muscle butchery”; little kids “let’s go Brandon”
2:30:10NBC recommends masked and distanced Thanksgiving with Abbot Labs BinaxNOW tests
2:34:11Turkey implicated in Belarus-Poland border dispute as lira crashes
2:38:57Tucker Carlson identifies M5M lies surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse case; Stephen Colbert talking point litany; Waukesha Christmas parade SUV attack disrupts Democrat narrative; security guard shot defending KRON news crew from robbery in Oakland; Sheriff Lt. Tracy McCray speaks out against Proposition 47; $5,000 bail for two Union Square defendants; Rep. Rashida Tlaib makes an ass of herself defending BREATHE Act, ACC: “she didn’t read it”
2:57:40Donation Segment
3:14:59“I’m calling my lawyer!” iso; Jamie Dimon grovels for CCP; Dvorak family spatchcock-off