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1401 Boost or Baste (2021-11-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re right!” (1:48:33)
0:00:32Protests from the Austrian “far-right” over partial lockdowns and vaccine mandate, water cannons for Dutch “orgy of violence”; protesters “set fire to bicycles” in The Hague; viral images of shot-off finger lying in street; superficial report from NBC; French government accused of using psychological warfare; reanalysis of Show 1400’s Irish hospitalization “math formation”, statistics showing elevated death rates among vaccinated British adults
0:13:36Tedros Adhanom: COVID-19 surging “in countries with some of the world’s highest vaccination rates”; symptomless AY.4 delta variant fear porn; Australian Sen. Pauline Hanson introduces legislation to ban vaccine mandates; Dr. Thomas Jendges suicide hoax, JCD’s betting propagandists theory, yellow badges for maskless students in British private school
0:26:58Kyle Rittenhouse trial nonsense from sports figures and foreign media; Jason Whitlock celebrates “good day for men with balls”; MSNBC spook Malcolm Nance somehow confirms that white nationalist militias are “high-fiving” in wake of “ruling”, racist “Korean on the rooftop”, “they are going to have a designated Kyle Rittenhouse”; Joy Reid asserts “foundational creation of the United States” is white men killing black people, pervasive “out of state” meme; Chicago marchers organized by Jesse Jackson chant for communist revolution; protest at Kenosha courthouse organized Students for a Democratic Society; “reckless vigilante” meme from Norah O’Donnell; tearful “you matter” message from Amber Ruffin
0:49:58New theory that Republican election delays in Virginia foiled fake ballot schemes; Jim Acosta mocks Fox “bullshit factory” and Frau Ingraham’s sketchy Who’s On First gag; intellectual elite concerned with Toxicity in the Decentralized Web and the Potential for Model Sharing, JCD on Substack vs Medium as journalism platform, ACC on The Daily click fraud
1:07:36Mike Rowe’s triple pound key vs telemarketers’ predictive dialer
1:10:20Producer Segment: M5M coded term “hiatus”
1:42:47ACC’s theremin for test drive; Kamala Harris takes on presidential duties during Biden’s colonoscopy; Sanjay Gupta discusses Biden’s avoidance of cognitive assessment; Biden mentions “we have more corporations in Delaware than every other nation in the state combined”; NPR on Biden’s promised $7.5bn for charging stations; Federal Reserve Vice Chair nominee Lael Brainard in September 2020 promoting FedNow instant payment system; Hillary Clinton enthuses about the possibilities for cryptocurrency; ACC on Decentraland open-source Metaverse; Biden pardons presidential turkeys Peanut Butter & Jelly: “instead of getting basted these two turkeys are getting boosted, heh”; tofurkey and vegan tomato sushi
2:07:12Sen. Tom Cotton grills Alejandro Mayorkas over extension of child tax credit to illegal aliens; Poland facing influx of illegal Middle Eastern immigrants assisted by Belarus; Poland fined €1M per day for not dissolving Supreme Court disciplinary chamber
2:17:3285-year-old Texas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson promises to endorse a woman after retirement; ACC on Beto O’Rourke’s indifferent “supporters” on election night 2018
2:22:42ACC OTG: lackluster ad for GET Mobile ID; FUSUS surveillance Skynet in North Carolina; eight arrested in organized San Francisco Union Square burglary campaign
2:30:54Donation Segment
2:41:29“I’m not buying it!” iso; Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland issues order to remove “squaw” from geographic names; producer note on Nevada tribal reservations as fentanyl strongholds
2:46:16Possible Biden administration boycott of Beijing Olympics “would not involve athletes”