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1400 The Learning Curve (2021-11-18)

Show 1400 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Free box of ammo!” (1:56:16)
0:00:31Party “horns of joy” for Show 1400, reflections on superiority of listener-producer model
0:03:41No arrests for threats against jurors in Kyle Rittenhouse trial; Al Sharpton comments on violence in “Kinshasha”; anchor baby Joy Reid reflects on Brett Kavanaugh’s “male white tears”; ACC recalls 1994 MTV lawsuit “prosecution”; Alan Dershowitz on likelihood of protests
0:14:27JCD 3x3: NBC fawns over Lin-Manuel Noriega Miranda’s directorial debut, boring CBS piece on Dwyane Wade, ABC book of the year The Lyrics Closet followed by Deals & Steals
0:21:52ABC puker celebrates 20% rise in COVID-19 case average, Dr. Jen Ashton propagates lie that cases are “surging” in Europe“ because ”they are opening up in a very big way“; Irish official notes 97% general vaccination rate and 50% rate in those hospitalized; NBC on new delta outbreak in Wuhan with 26,000 in the quarantine gulag; viral video of Chinese health worker beating corgi to death, ACC: ”it’s a subtle hint that the Queen is dead“
0:30:17Retrospective clip from Show 579 about the prospects of losing two weeks of work “at least” to H1N1 flu; Austrian Interior Minister threatens citizens with vaccination checks by police; Good Morning Britain guest asserts vaccine passports “not about civil rights” and calls for more vaccines for children; Boris Johnson promises boosters “will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways”; Dictator Dan abruptly drops almost all COVID-19 restrictions for the fully vaccinated in Victoria; PM Scott Morrison downplays role of governments in mandating vaccination; OSHA quietly suspends implementation of ETS vaccine mandate
0:42:02Robert Kennedy Jr. to Tucker Carlson on Reagan-era National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act enacted after Wyeth “unavoidably unsafe” DPT vaccine injuries under pressure from insurance companies; new ICD-10 code Z28.20 “immunization not carried out because of patient decision for unspecified reason”; NPR “boosters for all!” discussion; MSNBC banned from Rittenhouse trial after attempts by producer to follow jury bus; reporters perplexed at California’s “soaring” infection rates, ACC: “it’s the unvaccinated!”, JCD on loss leader “learning curve” approach to commodity pricing; FDA requests 2076 deadline for full release of Pfizer vaccine data under FOIA, JCD on truckloads of paper deployed in Intel-AMD lawsuits, ACC on Sackler family fine as distraction from Johnson & Johnson
1:01:40“NPR addiction correspondent” on new yearly record 100,000 overdose deaths, unelaborated “harm reduction strategies”; woke anger against Moderna for not sharing credit with NIH; NPR on Moderna’s bid to cash in on booster mania; ACC on Dopesick and elusive NIJM “Jick study”, Rockefeller Foundation “lockstep” to Great Reset; smallpox samples found at Pennsylvania Merck facility, “we all know what happens to things that get in the back of the freezer”, 2014 NPR smallpox report redux, list of Gates Foundation grants to media outlets
1:18:51Klaus Schwab enthuses about gene editing with Charlies Rose in 2015; Abby Martin’s tearful final Breaking the Set from Show 700 featuring victory lap for net neutrality; ACC celebrates victory of ambulance chasers over OSHA, daily “suddenly cardiac died” search, American College of Rheumatology blames hydroxychloroquine for myocarditis, New York to monitor “sudden cardiac arrest” in student athletes with help from roving My-HeartCheck van
1:32:40Producer Segment: Tim Pool “trailercast”; Ingraham “it was on You!”; Sharpton “prioriterize
2:57:08Alison Morrow reflects that ACC’s audio “sounds like the voice of God”, JCD: “I like the bucket sound, it’s great!”; Geoff Smith vs Care in Action Build Back Better songs
3:03:03Perplexing “coffee and spinach” comment from reptilian Jen Psaki; Psaki rolls out infrastructure non sequitur as example of non-inflationary Build Back Better agenda, ACC Red Book: lockdowns to combat inflation; Build Back Better as last chance to negotiate drug prices; low-income housing to combat “pending housing crisis”, JCD “fuck you” for build-to-rent; Psaki’s next-day COVID-19 tests from Wal-Mart, ACC on using Abbott Labs home tests under EUA, new species of iPhone attachments phoning home to CDC; Biden asserts “good jobs” solve the climate crisis; Biden claims that he witness California wildfire devastation from Marine One, ACC: “Marine One could’ve been a Robinson ‘44, which would’ve been hilarious”
3:16:31Biden administration orders FTC to investigate oil company profits; natural gas prices skyrocket after Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 pipeline license; Brazil’s JBS and Switzerland’s Bell Food Group acquire Netherlands-based fake meat producers Vivera and Mosa Meat; hufu cultured human protein, “long pig”, ACC: “we’re the other other white meat”
3:24:05Comptroller of the Currency nominee Saule Omarova’s alleged 1995 retail theft outed by Fox News; Jesse Watters gloats over rumored White House plan to get rid of Kamala Harris, JCD: “use the pricker, bump into her, give her a little scratch, next thing you know she’s dead”
3:28:14Donation Segment
3:51:05Fauci “it’s a double whammy!” iso; NPR on Department of Education investigation of racial and gender discrimination at Northlake Texas school district after NBC News podcast