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13 Turned on by Esther Dyson (2008-01-19)

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0:00:15Financial Times stories: Gordon Brown trying to export English language to China, UK to follow US capital gains model, Irish tax haven for artists; ACC Perth documentary
0:06:28Listener fan mail, “stream of consciousness” vs disorganization vs reading own handwriting; writing down phone numbers; mysterious “when it comes to politics the internet is like cocaine” quote; UK discrimination against redheads; voice mail from French listener; JCD tries to decipher his notes
0:22:48British Airways 38 Boeing 777 crash at Heathrow, ACC: “something’s fucked up with that airplane”
0:28:49Natali Del Conte’s age on TeXtra, lame blogs, ACC all-in on Twitter, schedule posting and Esther Dyson’s pass at ACC; JCD on History Channel inaccuracies
0:46:00Washington Post and The Economist the go-to resources; hackers gaining access to power grids of entire countries; pharmaceutical and security threat release conspiracy theories