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139 Zombieland USA (2009-10-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “How many seats do you have on the plane, bitch?!” (0:11:46)
0:00:3414 inches of rain in Santa Cruz mountains, cold in Chicago
0:01:49Producer Segment
0:02:17Twin pigeon hatchlings at ACC’s place, San Francisco avian contraceptive feed
0:05:53ACC’s United Airlines travel woes, airfare by the pound, “shipping containers on wheels”, out of control air conditioning and breakfast shortage; JCD on clueless TSA demanding under-18 passenger ID, ACC on barking back at arrogant rent-a-cops, shoes out of bin, “take off your scarf, sir!”, “maintain your luggage” propaganda zombies, ACC recommends Zombieland
0:18:49Plaque commemorating Chicago bridges built by Norwegian immigrants
0:20:58Bill O’Reilly berates Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin over Afghanistan strategy; Stanley McChrystal lying about Pat Tillman friendly fire incident; Robert Gibbs on lack of Afghan surge decision; McChrystal’s Bronze Star; ten French troops killed for not paying off Taliban like their Italian predecessors; ACC on al-Qaeda not targeting trains, JCD on FBI terrorism entrapment of morons, John DeLorean cocaine scheme
0:35:25Obama waiting to make decision about Afghanistan troop levels until after election, Norwegian UN official reluctantly acknowledges “widespread fraud”, JCD: “it’s the Norway-Chicago-Obama axis”; hypnotist producer on CNN mind control ad; JCD on ACC’s minimum-security brick loft; CNN “left-right paradigm” ad for “AC 360”; possible hoax: semen-swallowing for 40% decrease in breast cancer risk, ACC: “I think we have to test this theory”
0:43:13Ragu “veggies” ad and Yelp “yum” reviews (JCDPPotD); producer note on Hulu drug ad 25:50 time format, US and New Zealand the only countries to allow this nonsense; analysts on big pharma’s immunity to economic woes
0:49:19Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on 2000 Simpsonwood memo from secret meeting of vaccine manufacturers and CDC to cover up connection between mercury in vaccines and autism
0:54:16No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: mercury- and adjuvant-free vaccine from Baxter International; possible adjuvant introduction, 3bn doses recommended by WHO, JCD predicts 2010 round, FDA and manufacturers “waiting for a pandemic to solve the problem for them” with adjuvants
1:00:15AIG handing out average of $50k per employee in bonuses; court documents show Paulson and Bernanke lied about knowledge of Merrill Lynch bonuses; Willie Brown “jobs, jobs, jobs”
1:04:01Interpol and UN “global police doctrine” for rogue nations; UN report on Israel-Palestine atrocities, Israel considering restricting official’s European travel to prevent war crimes arrests; Stanley McChrystal’s discontinuing flying flag at half mast, “scholar-soldier” transformation
1:08:23Outrage over Ralph Lauren ad showing Photoshopped woman with head wider than hips
1:10:18Hillary Clinton’s Russia visit, Gazprom $25bn China deal, Iran’s enormous natural gas reserves for Europe; coked-up Robert Gibbs; JCD on switching from dollar to euro to get oil at half price; “jobless recovery” meme; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: US may never need a new coal plant due to natural gas switch
1:17:11Donation Segment: $77.33 Masonic connection
1:21:28Goldman Sachs handing out $20bn in bonuses; Obama at Union Square in San Francisco