Call Clooney!

1398 Gender Justice (2021-11-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boom! You’re right in.” (0:50:10)
0:00:33ACC reflects on his grandfathers’ military service for Veterans/Remembrance/Armistice Day; Twitter just fine with latest imposters @ademcury and @adamcurny crawling out of the woodwork, JCD’s occasional account reactivation calls with PayPal customer service
0:06:04JCD 3x3: NBC PTSD service dogs for veterans, CBS piece on “lady killer” Warren G. Harding, ABC CMA Awards pandering followed by angst-ridden veteran and confetti bomb for Michael Strahan; another year of impressively low awards show viewership, ACC’s 50-60 OTA stations
0:16:00Babylon Bee Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll ad; ABC celebrates pro-vaccine propaganda from Big Bird; awful NPR Brains On children’s podcast opens with sketchy “thousands of volunteers” claim; Dr. Robert Malone on the dangers of immune complexes “’kay?”; Show 1397 “all but one are vaccinated” fail, German newspaper takes note of dying soccer players; WHO warns of yet another “surge!”, Australian man shot to death in driveway added to COVID-19 death total; Bill Gates: “we’re taking things that are … genetically modified organisms and we’re injecting them into little kids’ arms, we just shoot ‘em right into the vein!”
0:39:12Pfizer “science has got your back” Twitter campaign fails miserably; Albert Bourla gripes about “criminals” killing millions with misinformation; Waterford Ireland’s 99.5% vaccination rate vs “highest … infection rate in the country”, vaccines “never meant to eliminate infections”; Queensland threatens “a very very lonely life”, Australian producer notes penal colony mentality; France adds booster to Pass Sanitaire, UK nursing homes to lose 50,000 staff, The Guardian reports first dog to contract COVID-19, British Columbia mink farm shutdown
0:52:17Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm asserts inflation is “transitory”; Oroville California refuses to enforce unconstitutional executive orders, outraged Karen screeches “this is disgusting, it makes me mad!”; Biden administration considers Michigan oil pipeline shutdown; John Doerr reflects on his “evangelical and inspirational and motivational” guru Al Gore
1:06:02Texas Slim to ACC on cattle instrumentation, 2017 big ag mergers, CIA-like intelligence network of secretive behemoth Cargill; Green New Deal “farm to fork” meme, Rice University graphene RFID tagging for food, JCD: “theremin”, vaccines as prelude to “carbon foodprint” data collection; Ice Age Farmer on confiscation of US farmland for carbon sequestration
1:35:26Producer Segment: Doerr’s “Mary” ID’ed as Mary Meeker; Filthy Fauci soap; JCD’s kalimba
2:10:59NPR weenie giddy over the wokification of Broadway musicals including The Book of Mormon, “agency” buzzword, Black Theatre United “trainings” diversity pledge, ACC: “The Wokies!”
2:31:45“Secretary Mayor Pete” Buttigieg asked by moron April Ryan about “Justice40” initiative: “construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways”; Executive Order 14008 “environmental justice scorecard” and “equitable decision making”; Pelosi: Build Back Better bill “recognizes the interconnectedness of climate change and gender justice”
2:46:08ACC calls bullcrap on Travis Scott “Satanic ritual” and “hundreds dead” theories in favor of vaccine-induced heart attacks, producer note on Narcan as part of standard EMT protocol
2:51:53Artemis manned lunar mission delayed until at least 2025
2:52:22Donation Segment
3:08:22“I think it was a lot of yakkety-yak” iso; star witness Gaige Grosskreutz destroys prosecution’s case in Kyle Rittenhouse trial; Court TV highlights defense lawyer’s AI “logarithms” stupidity; CBS concerns itself with Grosskreutz’ hurt feelings; MSNBC on expired concealed carry license
3:18:42Adam Schiff accuses Trump of “inciting an erection” with the ladies of The View