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1397 ok zoomer (2021-11-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well all he has to do is take the shot, why didn’t he take the shot??” (1:09:41)
0:00:32Daylight Saving Time and Russia’s 11 time zones, ACC’s oryx hunting grounds
0:09:58“Prison car” Zephyr, “coincidental” Show 1396 Magic Johnson interview and rollout of Pfizer antiviral used with HIV drug, ACC on non-HIV AIDS as potential side effect; NPR on Pfizer’s “nearly 90%” effectiveness; New South Wales “all but one are vaccinated”; Dopesick highlights fabricated disease “breakthrough pain”; pilot Cody Flint testifies about vaccine-induced brain injuries; Bayer CEO revels in public acceptance of gene therapy; Georgia joins OSHA lawsuit
0:32:00Shameless Zika fear porn from 2017; 2009-era Jesse Ventura “compulsory vaccination” for mass sterilization under WHO; frau Kathy Hochul exhorts masked and abused young children, idiot parent notes “who doesn’t want a lollipop?”, JCD’s globetrotting VPN “lookin’ for love” trollops; Sanjay Gupta propagandizes children with Elmo and the cast of Sesame Street
0:46:24New Chinese contact tracing term “space-time accompanier”; interview with inappropriately chuckling Bill Gates: “we didn’t get much in the way of therapeutics” lie, “competent management” in Australia and New Zealand, $1bn-per-year pandemic taskforce, flu and common cold eradication; 2014 NPR report on unsecured smallpox vials discovered in lab near Washington D.C.: “probably just samples somebody lost track of”, ACC: “like a laptop on the train”
1:04:20New canine-derived coronavirus in Malaysia & Haiti; “I can just go poomp and get ‘em right in the butt” at animal sanctuary, three Dallas Zoo giraffes dead of liver abnormalities; new “kids can have strokes too” ads seen on buses; quarterback Aaron Rodgers “in the crosshairs of the woke mob” for vaccine allergy, ABC pet doctor John Brownstein cautions allergies are “really really rare”, ACC: “I’m also allergic to one of the things in the vaccine: the evil part!”
1:12:12NPR host observes “I’ve got … several hundred masks, I think, sitting in my hallway”
1:19:14Vaccine vs fentanyl vs “pricker” theories for Travis Scott Astroworld Festival deaths; Rolling Stone vs Eric Clapton over vaccine injury; odd phrasing in “eight people were killed” headline, Houston police chief points out involvement of homicide and narcotics personnel
1:31:13Producer Segment
1:54:25ACC’s conversation with Texas Slim about future food shortages; amateurish fake media report from 2015 Food Chain Reaction wargame; Gov. Kristi Noem celebrates prototype Goodyear soy tires; “new asset class” = soylent green according to Texas Slim, Bill Gates’ investments in farmland for water rights; ACC predicts renaming of the British Beefeaters
2:06:57Belgium threatens non-electric car ban by 2027; House passes $1T infrastructure bill; Jennifer Granholm cackles at and subsequently dodges question about plan to lower gas prices; British YouTuber experiments with running Renault EV on a dead battery: “have I just locked myself in the bloody car?”; latest unscheduled spontaneous self-disassembly of Tesla Model X “quite the spectacle”; Biden his “typical senile self” claiming Americans are too dumb to understand global supply chain, “guess what? they’re closin’ those plants because they have COVID”; Wall Street Journal notes slump in ad spending on FMCG fast-moving consumer goods
2:21:16Donation Segment
2:32:41“This is all completely news to me” iso; Janet Yellen assures COP26 attendees that the private sector is champing at the bit to sink trillions into GFANZ Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero; NPR contrasts John Kerry’s dull-witted optimism with more bitching from Greta Thunberg, ACC: “we need to see Greta on a date”; long-winded saga of wheelchair-bound protestors conducting a climate change hunger strike at US Capitol, JCD: “okay zoomer”