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1396 Flu Tsunami (2021-11-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Congratulashaaaaans!” (1:50:31)
0:00:34JCD monitoring train outbound with fresh seafood for Texas martini and oyster bars
0:02:32JCD 3x3: Good Morning America stuck with unwatched CMA Awards, suspicious Magic Johnson interview by Gayle King on CBS, Today Show antics with Kristin Stewart, Diana musical a distraction from Prince Andrew, JCD: “I’m thinking that the Queen’s gonna die”
0:12:30NYC trash report; ACC’s battle with @ademcurry imposter gets Jack Dorsey’s attention
0:15:07Compilation of M5M outrage at Republican victory in Virginia gubernatorial race: “critical race theory, which isn’t real” lie, JCD reads Critical Theory definition; Yamiche Alcindor fails to elaborate “false claims about critical race theory”, JCD on “dog whistle” dog whistle; Manchin & Jayapal miss the point completely on NewsHour; Schumer ignores Trump’s pharma executive actions; Amy Goodman points out dirty secret of patent exclusivity clause
0:35:34James Carville irks “lesbian librarian type” Amy Walter by bashing “stupid wokeness”; Putin’s recent hour-long takedown of cancel culture as a Bolshevik tactic
0:43:19Prince Charles calls on private sector to spend trillions on “military-style campaign” at COP26; a giddy Ursula von der Leyen announces €1bn EU Catalyst Program with Bill Gates; Al Gore assures Brolf, that empty promises from China “not nuthin’”; Greta Thunberg hits rock bottom in the parking lot; emerging “new asset class” based on monetizing natural resources
1:01:11Ice Age Farmer on Event 201-style Food Chain Reaction game from 2015; Texas Beef Initiative’s Texas Slim predicts renewed war on red meat, JCD on the demise of mobile abattoirs; NTD on Chinese panic buying kicked off by Commerce Ministry; Biden rambles about MIA China & Russia; Democracy Now on $8.5bn project to torpedo South Africa’s coal industry
1:25:03Producer Segment: “I am triggered!” iso redux
1:52:57CDC rubber-stamps EUA for pediatric Pfizer vaccine; shameless Pfizer “superheroes” ad, JCD predicts end of zero-liability era; Adelaide nurse predicts heart transplant spike; Dr. Elizabeth Eads on spectrum of side effects in military recruits; Army whistleblower Lt. Col. Theresa Long on reaction to grounding of three pilots; damning British Medical Journal report on Pfizer phase III anomalies; “reanalysis” of CDC study rings alarm bells for pregnant women
2:07:30Sacramento County rolls out vaccine bribes for inmates, ACC: “that’s where we’re gonna get the spare parts from”; Jacinda Ardern dodges uncomfortable questions by lying about questioner’s accreditation; NPR on Singapore’s “skyrocketing” cases in spite of 82% vaccination rate, producer note on bogus “endemicity” talking point; Western Australian official blames “delayed reaction to COVID” for explosion of hospital admissions; Jen Psaki tests positive just in time for superspreader event COP26; Biden’s suspicious “swallowed wrong” coughing fit, incoherent rambling, and creepy whisper; Biden-Erdoğan terminal illness/alcoholism gait
2:20:27Producer’s Ziverdo Kit components seized by FDA; Dutch cardiologists warn of grieptsunami “flu tsunami”; 9,000 on unpaid leave in NYC; National Guard stepping in at nursing homes; No Agenda travel tip: avoid American Airlines on the last three days of 31-day month
2:33:05Donation Segment
2:44:26Jeff Pegues “they did it again!” iso; ACC’s AstroTurf-safe “trap dog”; Theranos investors Daniel Mosley and Henry Kissinger impressed by Elizabeth Holmes’ “special attributes”
2:50:45Stabbings and arson on Japanese commuter train; ACC recommends Under the Volcano documentary; compilation of M5M outrage at Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge; compilation of M5M asserting January 6 and GOP election laws are worst threats “prolly since the Civil War”