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1395 Inflation Demon (2021-10-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “They’re all made of wood!” (1:39:41)
0:00:31ACC’s Hollywood executive guests reveal secrets of Tucker Carlson’s show prep secrets; Southwest pilot freaks out journalist with “let’s go Brandon”, college football “fuck Joe Biden” chant
0:11:05Producer note on misleading studies about vaccine efficacy in preventing death cited by CDC; NPR assures listeners that FDA officials are “confident” vaccine is safe for children, FDA’s Janet Woodcock denounces wait-and-see approach; PBS segues from vaccines to New York first responders on unpaid leave; 450 “new” Merriam-Webster words; bogus CDC study claims those with natural immunity are “five times more likely to get infected again”, JCD: “lies!
0:27:52Romanian MEP Cristian TerheČ™ gripes about heavily-redacted Pfizer-EU contract; German MEP Christine Anderson notes “there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the well-being of regular people”; Fox News “what are we learning” about 18-page intelligence report on COVID-19 origin: “we will probably never know”; PBS emphasizes sketchy “not developed as a bioweapon” logic; UK “Nuremberg is coming” protests; PBS on looming vaccination deadline for NYPD and others, “Larry” Lightfoot vs Chicago police union over four deaths in 2020; ACC’s “vaccidents” theory for 18% increase in traffic fatalities
0:53:07WION India accuses Pfizer of “vaccine terrorism”; Merck CEO reflects on bright prospects
1:00:11CDC “motivational interviewing” skip logic tested on “hey man, I need a lozenge!” JCD; David Zweig gripes about the “solipsism” of dissenting cowards in the medical field; BitChute attorney Thomas Renz announces wrongful death suits over misuse of Remdesivir and ventilators; Singapore embraces endemicity; DrVirtual7 YouTube audio treatment to kill AI nano-bots
1:17:31Producer Segment: Smithsonian Open Access; JCD’s appropriated theremin
1:56:30Climategate: NPR and PBS welcome “last chance” COP26, Antonio Guterres mopes about a world “careening towards climate catastrophe”, Biden and “manufactured child” Greta Thunberg among the few world leaders in attendance; overproduced Sky News piece with Prince Charles and Boris Johnson; ABC News revels in oil executives “grilled” by House Democrats, “which is why at Shell, we’re in action” sleight of hand; San Diego Association of Governments proposing $163bn “social equity” transportation makeover funded by new taxes
2:09:55Producer note on “regenerative agriculture” buzzword, Dutch nitrogen fertilizer caps; Ice Age Farmer predicts serious food crisis; Associated Wholesale Grocers purchase order report
2:15:50Not-so-transitory inflation on PBS; insulting “Inflation Demon” propaganda sketch, ACC: “when did the kids from Radiolab start doing NPR gigs??” (CotD); The X Files “takeover of America” endgame; Good Information Inc backed by Reid Hoffman and George Soros
2:28:29G20 endorses 15% corporate tax scheme; NPR on still-stalled $1.7T Build Back Better bill; inappropriately cackling The Whiteness of Wealth author Dorothy A. Brown gripes to NPR about “wealthy white Americans”; Woke Racism author John McWhorter lectures James Smerconish on condescending attitudes prevailing among the woke mob
2:41:06Right-wing hysteria over Biden plan for $450,000 “reparations” to separated migrant families, original Wall Street Journal report featuring telltale “people familiar with the matter”
2:46:08Donation Segment
3:00:44“Good to see you, please stay safe” iso; Facebook-Meta rebrand, Adam Curry’s Metaverse
3:06:01Andrew Cuomo sex crimes complaint, M5M “resigned in disgrace” reserved for GOP; Biden’s incoherent “fell in the lackey” story; Maxine Waters: bipartisanship means working with those “who have target you for being killed”; Pew study: 15M Americans read online newspapers