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1394 Re-wilding (2021-10-28)

Show 1394 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Oh look at what we got here, blah blah blah, sleeping, blah blah blah!” (0:11:33)
0:00:36JCD survives “river of doom” rainfall; CDC recommends dose #4 for the immunocompromised
0:05:55JCD 3x3: Peacock Network $500M in the red, Trump-bashing Gov. Larry Hogan for president on CBS, NBC hypes Blues Brothers remake and Tom Hanks, ABC deals and steals
0:12:04Show 1393 “officials say the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits” flub caught by producers; Biden “expodentially” compilation; “God bless our… America and God bless our troops” four-line large-print teleprompter flub; “as one computer said” reading comprehension fail
0:26:05Pfizer dose for children declared effective against “symptomatic COVID infection”; Biden’s April “nearly 100% protected” assertion; Melbourne morning radio takes on “Chairman Dan’s” latest power grab; Andrews explains plan for “maintenance of your vaccination status”; Sen. Gerard Rennick gripes about second doses being forced on those having had adverse events; Jeremy Vine psycho draws “you can’t have your chocolate bar” parallel; TSA staffing issues vs Thanksgiving travel, Brooklyn Bridge protests, Mounties for Freedom, producer note on request to de-anonymize vaccination survey, Dudes Named Ben & Marines vs mandates
0:40:19CDC declares “the masks stay on” vaccinated two-year-olds; producer note on Texas Medical Association vs exemptions; Dr. Peter McCollough’s various former titles, global “mass psychosis” in doctors, Rockefeller Foundation 2010 “Operation Lock Step” paper; NPR “I really wanna get this vaccine” child abuse; Pfizer “mobile unit” operating without parental oversight
0:52:29Russian disinformation campaign “Operation Sekondary Infection”; annoying NYT piece tracks early 1980s Fort Detrick AIDS theory, JCD on prevailing The Population Bomb mentality and origin of HIV & ebola, KGB’s use of CIA tactic of planting stories in third-world newspapers, “they called it Operation Infection”, Moe Factz’ take on Fort Detrick vs Tuskegee
1:08:36Rep. Chip Roy tracks scrubbing of “gain of function” from NIH website; Joe Rogan lets slip that 200 officials have received ivermectin, now on NIH “under evaluation” list; disclaimer-laden ABC piece discusses 10,000 cases of not-a-side-effect tinnitus; Fauci all-in on same-day COVID and flu shots with “more liable” flub; “let Kyrie play” protests, “power to the people” message from Floyd Mayweather; ACC recommends Hulu’s Dopesick with Michael Keaton
1:22:52Producer Segment: ACC predicts Truth Social Super Bowl ad
2:06:02Producer notes on glass & pigment shortages; record high Thanksgiving prices; Microsoft accuses Russian hackers of targeting cloud; long-term supply chain woes for Ford & GM
2:17:00Biden “transformavinfrastructure bill” and “ablot believing in the American people” flubs; Ted Cruz grills TikTok VP Michael Beckerman about sharing of facial recognition data with Beijing; Delta-TSA facial recognition rollout; EU antitrust official Margrethe Vestager all-in on going for Facebook’s throat, new antitrust complaint over Google AMP throttling and Chrome auto-login; Mark Zuckerberg outraged at target painted on his chest over January 6
2:32:07“Local lockdowns” meme, Hertz to buy 100,000 EVs, solar panels as roof ornaments; Chinese ban on Australian coal continues; UN “don’t choose extinction” ad, JCD on depletion allowance as “oil subsidy”; bizarre NPR story about beleaguered liquid CO2 pipeline
2:46:50Boris Johnson briefly wakes up to propose “re-wilding” oceans using humans as food
2:50:17Donation Segment: Sir Felix then and now
3:02:28“I’m talking to you, will you please pay attention!” iso; shrinking State Department presence in Russia; compilation of M5M loons responding to “domestic terrorism” letter from National School Boards Association’s Viola Garcia; Glenn Youngkin’s 25 years as Carlyle Group COO