Call Clooney!

1393 Space Wake (2021-10-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “And he’s stealing the code!” (0:31:59)
0:00:36Party horns for 14-year show anniversary, JCD traces the history of value for value, knighthoods, third show, executive producer “gimmick” briefly appropriated by Jason Calacanis, “gamification” promoted by so-called expert; Lara Logan’s questionable assertion that media promotes apathy; transgender shakedown “protest” against Dave Chappelle Netflix show
0:20:26And Now Back to Real News: Alec Baldwin kills Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with prop gun, ACC: “manslaughter at minimum”, Swamp Thing reflections, IATSE griping and underqualified armorer, ironic indifference to firearm safety displayed by anti-gun Hollywood douchebags, fake “I have information that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest” tweet
0:31:09Shitstorm over adoption of Mastodon for Trump’s new Truth Social network; evidence of Google AdX price manipulation in collusion with Facebook in federal antitrust documents;, Brendan Eich vs Mozilla noodle kids; CNN smears Facebook over failure to censor January 6 planning, “consortium of news organizations” spurred by CIA to pressure SEC, Steve Bannon facing contempt of Congress; JCD’s “hello, I’m Adam Curry” skit
0:52:53Jacinda Ardern all-in on her two-class ├╝bermensch/untermensch society as “tool for confidence”; JAMA study finds no benefit from state vaccine lotteries, “‘cause there’s always gonna be a next time” comment from the wise news anchors; potential closure of New York City firehouses; NTD report on abuse of US Navy Seals applying for religious exemptions; Oklahoma City drops mandate for new recruits; Illinois parents sue over school mask and quarantine policies; Lori Lightfoot frames new challenge to her dictatorial control as “racist”
1:05:22Bizarre “I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID” comment from Biden at seemingly purposeless CNN town hall, ACC: “someone wants him 25th Amendmented”; NTD reveals Biden’s lie about “commitment” to defend Taiwan; producer note on Taiwan as “silicon shield”; Biden’s fraudulent “true story” about his parents’ pre-Nixon health insurance, incoherent “no guarantees, just a chance!” justification for printing trillions, “build the road back literally higher, not a joke”, “think about it” NLP, new word “expodentially”; Chicago cop drops dead after vaccination; Washington senators unable to enter their own offices thanks to Jay Inslee
1:26:24Producer notes on 3x glyphosate price gouge, glass bottle shortage impacting wine industry, ACC proposes No Agenda boxed “woke wine”, JCD “here’s some shard for you”
1:39:16Producer Segment: transcript “Jhansi Dvorak”; FDA “legally distinct” head-scratcher
2:19:52M5M fear porn over California “bomb cyclone”; all 18 US intelligence agencies warn of “world failing to cooperate” to combat climate change ahead of COP26 summit; Sierra Leone enthrones “chief heat officer”; hysteria over 24-hour Fox News weather channel; Greta Thunberg butchers Rick Astley in front of screaming teen girls; Saudi Arabia’s perplexing net-zero pledge; US bows out of Russian diplomatic talks with Taliban citing “scheduling issues”
2:33:42NBA’s Enes Kanter pisses off the CCP with pro-Tibet messaging; China at work on weapons that travel in satellites’ “space wake”; residents of nine US states witness “Russian spy satellite” fireball; “senior al-Qaeda leader” droned in Syria after unreported attack on US base
2:40:30Ursula von der Leyen bitches about Polish court opposing “unity of the European legal order”
2:45:02NTD story of 2008-style border militia; Chris Matthews grilling Mike Morell in 2015
2:52:02Donation Segment
3:05:54Max Verstappen in Austin, NIH study on CDB vs COVID-19; “trah harder not to suck” iso
3:08:48NPR Pfizer booster marketing; NAIAD beagle torture resurfaces; Ohio license plate fail