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1390 No Hugs For You! (2021-10-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “That gave be goosebumps!” (0:03:01)
0:00:32William Shatner looking good at 90 years after Blue Origin space flight
0:01:04JCD 3x3: NBC “Pop Start” swoons over Adele’s “found the feeling again” and Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary trailer, ABC defends social media on behalf of former Rockette; CBS on Jay-Z vs city police departments, “bravo!” for Shatner morphs into global warming
0:13:09Arrival of ACC’s sketchy Ziverdo Kit “garments” paid for via Dutch PayPal; ACC’s decision not to tell The Megyn Kelly Show listeners the story of Ozzy Osbourne wetting himself, JCD takes exception to lack of No Agenda plugs, looking forward to full two-hour show
0:24:24Joe Rogan rips Sanjay Gupta a new one over CNN’s Ivermectin lies: “I can afford people medicine, motherfucker”; new study finding aspirin potentially effective against COVID-19 overshadowed by “increasing risk of bleeding” smear campaign exemplified by NPR, JCD: “we’re trying to kill our population off”; Anthony Fauci wraps up presentation with “vaccination is the answer to getting us to control”, JCD’s 33 clips
0:38:40Conflicting claims about causes of mass Southwest cancellations, Gov. Abbott pours fuel on the fire, on the lookout for November 24 American Airlines sick-out; Jen Psaki July “why they can still kill you” revisited, Biden’s nonexistent OSHA executive order framed as “pursuant to federal law”, needling for Abbot & DeSantis; “you need to get the jab” laundry list and $5,000 fine threat from Northern Territory minister Michael Gunner; 865 post-vaccination deaths vs 845 from COVID-19 in Taiwan with no mention of Pfizer; MP Sir Christopher Chope gripes about UK government suppressing information on vaccine injuries; letter to FDA from ICU nurse Dr. Patricia Lee falling on deaf ears
0:56:55Joy Reid bitches about Eric Clapton participating in one of Van Morrison’s “four anti-lockdown songs” and propagates Rolling Stone racist deplorable smear campaign (CotD)
1:01:21NPR recommends ditching Johnson & Johnson booster for Pfizer/Moderna based on minor NIH study; Scott Gottlieb admits there is danger in using barely-tested vaccines in children; JCD notes NPR reporter’s repeated use of “so-called mRNA” phrase; NYU bioethicist Art Caplan gives the green light for physicians to withhold treatment from the unvaccinated, ACC: “I don’t want any sick people in my doctor’s office!”; UNSW Prof. Gigi Foster on “wild sacrificial actions” undertaken by crowds of lonely fanatics in Nazi Germany and under COVID-19, “seeking of truth becomes outsourced by the crowd member to the crowd leader”
1:18:54NPR on new WHO investigation into COVID-19 origin and efforts not to ruffle Chinese feathers; “some of the stupidest NPR stuff you’ve ever heard in your life” on the dangers of hugging, “far fewer infected particles than someone who’s not vaccinated” lie, “don’t do it!” on air kissing; CDC’s post-9/11 psychosis warnings
1:35:27Lawsuit against FDA for all documentation on vaccine approval process; Dr. John Campbell on Merck’s 2020 refusal to participate in Japanese clinical trial with Ivermectin co-creator
1:41:26Producer Segment: “none of your business” religious exemption application
2:20:54Pun-laden ABC report on rising “punkin” prices; M5M supply chain “good luck with your shopping list!” fear porn compilation, companies bribing their way into terminals to retrieve goods; contradictory messages from Janet Yellen; China’s issues with lower-quality non-Australian coal; Germany’s mistake of depending on Norwegian and Swedish hydroelectric power, new pro-ESG pension rules coming from Labor Department
2:40:07Vape Wars: FDA authorizes Vuse e-cigarettes, JCD’s tobacco vs COVID-19 theory
2:47:38Sketchy FBI nuclear submarine espionage story as distraction from underwater collision, producer “hit a Chinese sub” note, Japanese Coast Guard “nudging” Chinese ships with mattresses; five killed in Norwegian bow and arrow shooting spree
2:53:57CBS’ Margaret Brennan clutches her pearls over Fiona Hill’s comparison of January 6 to Lenin-style “dress rehearsal”; Meet the Press “shredding of our Constitution” hysteria; John Brennan returns to MSNBC to gripe about “the authoritarian tendencies of the Republican party” and civil war fears; Chuck Todd brings in Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse to mumble “good to have… good to be on with you”, Yamiche Alcindor brags she only watched Trump rally “because I was comin’ on Meet the Press with you, Chuck”, return of the Trump rotation
3:08:50Maricopa Co. officials admit to deleting data after receiving Arizona Senate subpoena; three Michigan women charged with voter fraud; Chinese wireless thermostats under scrutiny

3:12:30Donation Segment
3:25:01Joy Reid “do you wanna be a free man or do you wanna be a slave?” iso; NPR on looming IATSE strike threatening to shut down Hollywood, Comic Strip Blogger’s “worst movie over!” review for new James Bond film