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138 Bombing The Moon (Don’t look over here!) (2009-10-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “The modern Hitler is gonna be a guy like Tony Blair, I mean that’s just obviously it” (0:50:36)
0:00:40Getting people past the “cornball” opening, ACC: “jingles do not necessarily make you professional”; ACC’s new microphone stand made from telescoping antenna and “roach clip”
0:06:25Producer Segment
0:07:22Atlas Shrugged pop quiz for JCD, “oh right, the goats!”; producer “Swine Flu Phone”
0:16:05Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, JCD: “I thought they were just kidding”, massive distraction, ACC: “there’s nothing like the president of a country who bombs the Moon who then gets the Nobel Peace Prize”, paltry $79M price tag, one-upmanship response Indian claim to have found water, unexplained “kinetic weapon” and “what’s a hard disk” (JCDPPotD), The Examiner frets about conflict with aliens; UN General Assembly resolution: no moon bombing
0:23:59JCD on Nobel Peace Prize judges chosen by Norwegian government, disjoint from Swedish scientific outfit, Nobel’s invention of dynamite; “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”, nomination twelve days into term, Mahatma Gandhi nominated in vain four times; France arrests CERN researcher near LHC with al-Qaeda ties; secret Finance Committee vote on healthcare bill
0:31:38Obama weekly YouTube address: work done on healthcare for “the better part of a year”, on bill “that will soon be merged with other reform bills produced by other Congressional committees”, CBO “concluded that the legislation would make coverage affordable for millions of Americans who don’t have it today” lie, healthcare health insurance reform bait-and-switch, Rose Garden photo op doctors in white lab coats, Schwarzenegger & Bloomberg all-in; no coverage for “excessively dangerous activity” of gun ownership
0:43:00And Now Back to Real News: Miss Singapore resigns over stolen credit card shopping spree
0:44:35British 14-year-old Natalie Morton dead due to Cervarix vaccine “tumor of unknown origin”
0:46:07Lisbon Treaty signed by Poland’s Lech Kaczyński, Czech Republic immunity deal for postwar eviction of Germans; treaty footnotes on capital punishment and “unrest”, incarceration for communicable disease; “anti-competition commissioner” Neelie Kroes going after Google and IBM, JCD: Google “never-ending target”; Frédéric Mitterrand the pedophile, JCD on spotting Mitterand Cognac in Hennessy cellars
0:55:45Dutch producer on finding vault full of stolen bicycles at Tempelhof Air Force Base
0:57:41Canadian Thanksgiving on Columbus Day, bank holiday collapse theories
0:59:03T-Mobile users’ Danger Inc. Sidekick data potentially permanently lost
1:00:39Chris Rock: “people are defending Roman Polanski ‘cause he made some good movies??”
1:04:06Afghanistan as Vietnam meme, Code Pink all-in on Obama policies; LA district attorney Steve Cooley promises crackdown on marijuana dispensaries, JCD: “he looks like a dick”
1:11:50Talk of another stimulus package, unemployment benefit extension, $4k job creation tax credit
1:15:25Donation Segment: vegans immune to vaccination mandates
1:21:26“Intra-agency” memos on AT&T FISA spying immune to FOIA, both: “they are the CIA”