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1388 Sandwich Generation (2021-10-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Liiive!” (1:41:39)
0:00:32JCD’s “return Zephyr Fibonacci retracement”, “it’s the foamer corner!
0:01:49JCD 3x3: recent “majority black” shift, Michael Strahan spotted in a dress, multi-culty look kicked to the curb, CBS obsessed with sharks and peas, NBC “Pop Start” celebrity-fest, ABC promotes Wisconsin with “Chad the cheese guy” and Mona Kosar Abdi milking a cow; IATSE poised to strike, ACC: “these racists are making the black people rearrange the deck chairs”
0:15:00Sen. Edward Markey reads Mark Zuckerberg the Riot Act; Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen whimpers about “anorexia content”, all-in on federal internet police; Microsoft-loving draft dodger Sen. Richard Blumenthal; Center for Humane Technology funded by George Soros, ACC: “she’s a spook!”; “at some point in 2021” narrative for 60 Minutes, idiotic claim that EU parties have been forced into extremism, January 6 “angry hateful content”
0:37:59Chuckling Facebook executive Antigone Davis signals “things that actually suppress things like clickbait” lie, JCD on the three computer revolution “holy grails”, New York Times blue wrappers, VPN providers in danger of being sued out of existence; Davis on recent “adjustments to our algorithm” to placate toothless SEC; CBS Evening News on “brutal” six-hour BGP outage, ACC: “the equivalent of shredding documents”; idiotic report on fake pro-Trump account degenerating into “engagement-bait”; Haugen linked to “civic integrity team” that suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story; Twitch top-10,000 earners list exfiltrated
1:00:182019 Milken Institute panel starring Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright discussing novel flu vaccine technologies: “it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere”, ACC: “finally proof: the responsibility for coronavirus is clearly the gays”; Rochelle Walensky kicks off CDC surveillance against “potentially severe flu season”, derailed by “the symptoms of flu can often be familiar to thoseā€¦ similar to those of COVID-19” flub; NTD on two asymptomatic cases in Xinjiang leading to tourist lockdown; fast-talking TikTok doctor defends redefinition of “natural immunity”; Rand Paul grills HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra over calling those with natural immunity “flat earthers”
1:20:18NPR Here & Now celebrates Federation of State Medical Boards delicensing physicians over “dewormer” ivermectin; Leana Wen all-in on Canadian travel ban, ACC: “head shaved, now!”; “why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected” rant; 200,000 Ellume test kits recalled due to false positives; 7,000-year-old genetic of Indonesia-Siberia migration
1:30:36Fauci contradicts two years of lockdown policy with “outdoors is much safer than indoors” bomb; decline of “lethal COVID” in UK; Jacinda Ardern withers under questioning from journalist about failure of elimination policy; Victoria official: vaccine skeptics are “absolutely wacky”; Dr. John Campbell on danger of not aspirating syringe needle, producer notes on failures to follow vaccine storage and handling requirements
1:39:36Producer Segment: Spotify defines “engagement” as 1ms; JCD’s dog treat mistake
2:16:03Producer note on IRS bank surveillance and $600 stimulus checks in GameStop short squeeze; return of the trillion-dollar coin proposal from 2012 foreshadowed by The Simpsons
2:21:37Tepid response to Biden’s “hello Michigan!”, “sandwich generation” ramble; Boris Johnson’s “build back b{u,a}tter” jokes; Biden’s “grandpop” and his unwanted gas stations, China’s “unfair coshive practices”, “no I really mean it!” response to applause, “not a joke” tic, “t’ problem Mary’s America, you can’t afford the housing”
2:35:18Louis Vuitton grab-and-run theft in Chicago; George Soros donates $500,000 to oppose re-funding Austin police force scrambling to deal with record crime rate; White House dubs “we love Joe!” chant into Congressional baseball game video; John Kerry admits to French press that Biden was clueless about Australian submarine deal, bizarre “my president” reference, mush-mouthed Susan Rice soundalike Lisa Monaco from the Lucy Napolitano cabal
2:48:30Investigation into Catholic Church in France finds 3,000 pedophiles and “tsunami of victims”; Francis Collins getting out while the getting is good
2:49:44China backs down on Australian “thermal coal” ban amid soaring prices; CBS on growing pileup of cargo containers at US ports; producer note on “Silicon Valley bullcrap idea” hyperledger integration, fuzzy “freely share our thoughts and ideas” promo video
3:00:38Donation Segment: challenge coin from Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly
3:15:30“They’re absolutely wacky” iso; ACC to appear on The Megyn Kelly Show, JCD: “you gotta just make sure you get the plugs in there, that’s the problem”
3:21:22AP story “Ordering Deadly Drugs from China Is Easy”; NTD on Russian actress and director beating Tom Cruise in the race to capture movie footage on the International Space Station