Call Clooney!

1387 Clippers ‘n Whittlers (2021-10-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “She can’t stand John’s voice!” JCD: “Whaaat?!” (1:40:14)
0:00:33Strategy & tactics of baseball catcher signals; ACC gives the TASCAM Mixcast 4 the heave-ho, JCD’s “something missing” MXL-990 microphone, ACC: “they’ve done it wrong!”
0:08:26Merck announces experimental COVID-19 pill molnupiravir, Anthony Fauci notes “a bit more of an importance to the study” with zero deaths in study, reporter can’t resist “gotta get the shot” coda, JCD: “this is a horse encephalitis virus vaccine, it’s for horses!”, Merck’s $1.2bn procurement deal with US government from June, “I am owning it all! big pharma CEO skit
0:16:25Gavin Newsom rolls out vaccine mandate for students; ACC’s “New York millennial” being shunned by insane fully-vaccinated roommate, deprogramming TtK’s Austin friends; Dr. Mattias Desmet on mass formation victims turning to “heroic battle against the object of anxiety”, “mental intoxication of connectedness” leading to continued acceptance of absurd narrative; Buzzkill Jr.’s acquaintance’s “I can’t even imagine that somebody could put together so many phony reports” reaction to; Desmet on “absurd” rituals as in-group signal, ACC: “which of you morons will put on three masks when we tell you?”, JCD on Raccoon Lodge from The Honeymooners, resistance to returning to previous state of normality, JCD: “Build Back Better”, totalitarian state’s transformation into “a monster that devours its own children” after opposition is silenced, 30% of population capable of unifying to oppose mass formation
0:39:56Rochelle Walensky on inability of “working exceptionally well” vaccines to prevent transmission; Dianne Feinstein proposes vaccine proof or test for domestic air travel; Jen Psaki praises “very successful” vaccine mandates implemented by business while OSHA is dragging its feet
0:45:30Anti-mandate and anti-passport protests in Western Australia, “some people think that solar panels drain the sun” conclusion from health official; New South Wales “New World Order” revisited; international border opening to allow families separated for years to reunite, JCD on Jacques Ellul’s theory of propaganda working best in closed system; Clive Palmer’s pharma blackmail allegations vindicated with resignation of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian; 50,000 complaints against Israeli government’s Green Passport mandate; ABC pet doctor Jen Ashton addresses quickly-changing definition of “fully vaccinated”; rumors of cardiac side effects being precipitated by “poke push” into a vein; Pfizer hotline’s laundry list of side effects, ACC: “they should have added anal leakage just for laughs”; Melbourne emergency nurse discussing side effects cut off by impatient radio host, ACC: “all these people will look really good as we parade them through the street naked and their hair shaven”
1:03:58Justice Brett Kavanaugh fully vaccinated and asymptomatic; BBC on US winning death count with India unaccountably in third place; BBC on teens dropping dead of undiagnosed heart conditions; disposable mask recycling in UK; Louis Gossett Jr.’s life saved by ivermectin
1:10:46Producer Segment: cuts ties with “racist” No Agenda; “Frankenstab” botch
2:05:32JCD’s “little rock” ocarina; “radio host” Alex Jones judged liable in Sandy Hook defamation suit, Southern Poverty Law Center publishes four-part report on the murky world of right-wing podcasts, ACC: “it was boring!”, JCD’s unfortunate 2004 column “Podcasting: Not Ready For Prime Time” comparing podcast listening to “whittling and fingernail clipping”
2:11:34Producer note on FedEx staffing issues and vaccine mandate delays; ACC’s nemesis OZY Media to shut down after exposure of its sleazy business practices
2:19:20NBC reporter interviewing Brandon Brown interprets “fuck Joe Biden!” chant as “let’s go Brandon!”; Pakistani Taliban causing trouble near Afghan border; Airbnb calls on Austin residents to house refugees; Gen. Lloyd Austin: “we plan to execute between seventy and eighty th… we plan to evacuate”; producer note on fake White House press room at Pentagon
2:28:39Facebook executives subjected to “first childhood cigarette” grilling in Congress, Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s creepy 13-year-old girl Instagram account, JCD donation shakedown theory
2:32:55Ongoing Chinese electricity shortage; producer note on California carfentanyl crisis
2:38:09Donation Segment
2:54:03“Riled up and ready to go!” iso; Kathy Hochul’s “my friends” straight from Hillary Clinton milieu; two to the head for Obama-era DHS whistleblower Philip Haney; NBC & CBS label activist parent involvement at school board meetings “domestic terrorism”, Jeff Pegues features school board member claiming incidents “made him think about suicide”
3:01:34Idiotic story from NPR on Northern Ireland clown shortage