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1386 Frankenjab (2021-09-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “This needs to come out: stop eating our dogs!” (2:24:48)
0:00:35ACC’s new TASCAM Mixcast 4 including Lucifer filter and built-in backup recorder
0:07:57JCD 3x3: NBC all-in on lobotomy-style brain implants for alcoholics; viral COVID-19 conspiracy “Spartacus letter”; ABC giddy about Daniel Craig on Broadway and Michael Strahan singing country music, Disney’s “put Strahan in a dress” agenda, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar connects vaccine and BLM on CBS; Jonathan Isaac explains his vaccine hesitation; Kyrie Irving “oh, he’s a machine!” report; NBA salary forfeiture rules, ACC: “he could learn to code”
0:31:38Gov. Kathy Hochul promises “nation-leading” midnight vaccine mandate, “I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency powers necessary”, patronizing “my friends”, “I need you to be my apostles”, JCD: “she’s a blasphemer!”; New York schools to “assume you are not coming to work on Monday” if unvaccinated; “evidence based” mask data from CDC
0:47:00CBS trots out British reporter to cover lawsuit by physician assistant Deborah Conrad over vaccine mandate; undercover audio of Conrad being ordered by Rochester Regional Health to stop helping her colleagues file VAERS reports, “there’s a risk to the organization from a perspective of both underreporting and overreporting”, “we need you to kinda dial it back”, Conrad pisses off the HR shill with “we are the clinical trial!”, “it comes out quite, it comes out quite, um, almost anti-, anti-vaccine, right?”, “we toe the company line, that’s part of our responsibility”, JCD story: one-day seminar on memo-writing, “you open up with how fabulous everything is … then from there you go on to your grousing”, Trailmobile CYA memo
1:09:41Administration of Biden’s booster shot conducted on fake White House sound stage away from Oval Office, ACC: “because Obama’s sitting there”; Leana Wen proposes CDC be left out of medical policy decisions altogether in favor of White House; Face the Nation softball questions for Rochelle Walensky, JCD: “they already have the name for the last variant: communism”, looming Halloween safety question; Pfizer CEO predicts bonanza to continue “at least a year”; stern-looking Norah O’Donnell revels in YouTube’s deplatforming of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and and “rare access” to busy Montana hospital, 80% unvaccinated non sequitur, “scared out of my mind” survivor propaganda; “restless anal system” not straight out of The Babylon Bee
1:29:11New South Wales announces seven largely geriatric deaths: “one person was not vaccinated”; JCD’s Substack column on coronavirus response as Chinese-style test of fealty; Australian no-singing-allowed “freedom day” only for the vaccinated; ACC’s Fauci prayer candle
1:37:05Tony Awards garners a pathetic 2.7M viewers including an unimpressed JCD: “it was too gay”
1:41:05Producer Segment: run-ins with dangerous motorcycles; dog-eating Haitian refugees
2:28:30“Bad seed” Greta Thunberg’s communist “blah blah blah” speech; Amy Goodman clearly irked at not being invited to Youth4Climate forum; JCD’s theory of Gen Xers and “geriatric millennials” weaponizing “climate anxiety”; Instagram’s forthcoming kids’ app already under fire, Facebook’s quarterly “grilling” as reminder to cooperate with three-letter agencies; ABC takes aim at Facebook’s plans to “monetize children and playdates”; Don Lemon whines about Photoshopped Epstein photo, ACC: “social media hotline, how can I help?
2:48:28JCD’s take on Beethoven’s unfinished Tenth Symphony as reconstructed by AI
2:49:41Donation Segment: “Frankenstab”
3:09:23“My head is exploding!” iso; ACC’s predicted “tampons and Tito’s”; GOP grandstanding over $3.5T infrastructure bill; Nancy Pelosi endorses “full Obama agenda of building back better”
3:16:54Norah O’Donnell tries to spice up lame Dollar Tree report with “just saying” comment