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1385 Flu Zone (2021-09-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s liiive!” (1:24:09)
0:00:31Amtrak derailment in Montana; National Situational Awareness Day; horse dewormer blister pack for ACC’s New York millennial stepdaughter down with “the coof”, JCD’s childhood zinc deficiency; EU to approve three unpronounceable therapeutic drugs
0:08:59Dr. Sarah Long wishes “good luck with your disability” for those waiting for Moderna or Johnson & Johnson boosters; JCD irked at George Stephanopolous’ inability to ask Pfizer CEO what “at cost” means; Pfizer releases official list of booster side effects, Israeli government notes danger of “severe morbidity”, The Testimonies Project documentary; producer notes on New England Journal of Medicine miscarriage statistics, BBC newspeak: “a third of positive cases are unvaccinated” in Wales
0:18:40New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on potential for healthcare workers on temporary visas; Leana Wen’s incomprehensible “those who are vaccinated … but with the Delta variant, because they carry so much more virus”, Wen the Rhodes Scholar tells Jake Tapper about the Boston Bombing aftermath, JCD: “she’s a spook”; Army whistleblower recommends grounding all vaccinated flight personnel, judge shuts down “heartless” United Airlines mandate
0:32:38Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent ad; Substack article on parallels with chicken IBV vaccine; canine Simparica Trio ad; Garden of Life “I’m a woman and I poop” ad; Anthony Fauci spews gobbledygook about the virtues of boosters at Gloria Estefan, “boost!” jingles
0:42:46International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees vs ratings, “million minutes viewed”
0:51:48Vaccines as a human right at UN; Marjorie Taylor Greene “they’re communists”
0:57:03Producer notes on impending shortage of printer paper, gas panic buying covered by BBC reporter Phil McCann, producer note on Los Angeles port backup caused by ban on trucks older than 2007, ACC’s high-end artificial Christmas tree, producer note on 300% increase in CO2 prices; local Shaoxing government rationing electricity used by businesses; 60 Minutes Australia fear porn projecting war with China; Victor Gao warns Australia will lose “privilege” of not being nuclear target; QUAD Group huddles with Biden to discuss Chinese aggression
1:16:02Amy Goodman’s ham-handed segue from delta variant to “housing and eviction crisis”; producer-enhanced audio from end of Biden-Johnson press conference; Predator Security and Defense and Australian police; Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou release from house arrest in return for two Canadians, ACC: “Meng bought a whole bunch of Hunter Biden’s art”
1:23:10Producer Segment: JCD‘s post-cataract surgery custom eyeballs
2:04:51NDAA 2022’s diversity and red flag gun confiscation provisions overshadowed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grandstanding over Israeli Iron Dome and voting “present”
2:06:47Democracy Now on resignation of special envoy Daniel Foote over deportation of Haitian refugees; Kamala Harris propagates official lie about men on horseback “whipping” migrants; “shock jock” Maxine Waters bellyaches about “cowboahs … whipping black people” who were trying to “excape”, JCD on PBS documentary revealing hatred of Haitians in Dominican Republic; CBS on “squalid tent city” on US-Mexico border and admission of 400 Haitian refugees; Al Sharpton heckled in Del Rio Texas; NTR notice to report vs NTA notice to appear, ACC on administration’s “checkmate” against Gov. Abbott, potential contenders Allen West the carpetbagger, Beto O’Rourke, and Matthew McConaughey
2:27:54Al Sharpton gripes about “disgraced former president” doing the rounds in Georgia; Trump new call to “take back our country from these lunatics”, new shit has come to light on plans for “big beautiful” Bagram Air Base now under the scrutiny of “Chinaaa!”, “don’t say that, you stupid son of a bitch” attributed to Biden’s staff, “there never has been a concession” keeping QAnon busy, Bill Clinton “living in fear”; cries of “you’re evil!” directed at Hillary Clinton at Queens University in Belfast; Trump on his realization that Gen. Mark Milley was “stupid”, “lock him up!” for Mark Zuckerberg; Rachel Maddow mocks “Thyber Ninjas!” in coverage of Maricopa County election audit, ACC: “the Democrats cheated better”
2:43:15Former Obama minions Ben Rhodes & Dan Pfeiffer take shots at Mark Zuckerberg; Democracy Now on scrutiny of Facebook over dangers to teen girls posed by Instagram; Judy Woodruff nervously grills Bill Gates over relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, “well he’s dead, so, ahhh, y’know, in general you always have to be careful, uhhh…” deer in the headlights, ACC: “you don’t want a woman like Melinda Gates scorned”; Chris Cuomo accused of being a butt-squeezer by his former boss; Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes outed as a probable FBI informant
2:56:47Donation Segment
3:14:20“That don’t make no never mind!” iso, reporter botches pronunciation of “Cumbre Vieja”
3:16:33JCD on the “London flog” and plans to dissolve Bay Area air pollution agency by 1970, WHO concludes 90% of population is at risk from air pollution; Jacob Rothschild revels in the terrorization of small children about climate change and bemoans the “distraction” of COVID-19; Doconomy and the usual suspects roll out Climate Fintech Cards & Payments Challenge, JCD on airport carbon offset scams of yesteryear
3:26:55“My hands have a lot more to do” ad with John Elway