Call Clooney!

1384 Code Red (2021-09-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh my God, you know, oh!” (1:02:39)
0:00:33JCD 3x3: NBC promotes Law & Order: Gangnam Style, ABC clutches its pearls over TikTok drinking videos, ACC predicts return of alcohol-soaked tampons, New Hampshire tourism promotion, CBS celebrates “less lethal” policing; ACC calls time of death for M5M with JCD’s accurate ratings prediction for the Emmys, Phexxi “welcome to my vagina” ad, scripted garbage from Cedric the Entertainer, Richard Donner & Tanya Roberts MIA from in memoriam
0:19:22M5M ignores 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Melbourne and “every day!” chant from protestors, Facebook livestream shutdown and restricted airspace at the behest of Dictator Dan, “police had no patience for conspiracies” in M5M report, Queensland police given ultimatum; Andrews takes a swipe at union “tradies” from his hidey hole; “unfortunately I gotta do what I gotta do” from Melbourne police officer; ACC story: first encounter with “half-gallon” cans of Victoria Bitter, non-ironic “roll up your sleeves and get the jab” ad campaign parodied by Sir Chris Wilson; JCD’s Newsletter Obama footprint birth certificate analyzed by producers
0:34:51Scott Gottlieb singles out South Dakota governor for ridicule; “Hillary Clinton clone” Margaret Brennan; CNN abuses bereaved college kids to push FDA approval meme and Tucker Carlson hate; mixed message from COVID-positive Chris Rock; 15-minute PBS hit piece against Sinovac; Ursula von der Leyen’s mysteriously disappearing text messages with Pfizer CEO; Johnson & Johnson “94% effectiveness” billboard on CBS radio; Project Veritas “vaccine is full of shit” undercover audio ruined by drunk “blowdart, that’s where we’re going”
0:55:05Testimony before South Carolina legislature on hospital protocols as euthanasia; $3 Indian ivermectin packs, producer note on midazolam handling; CBS “breaking news!” with Biden’s Pfizer giveaway; two-week post-vaccination “unvaccinated” status; Norah O’Donnell mourns “in the same church she was supposed to be married!”; New England Journal of Medicine “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons”; Justin Trudeau rants “you get to be rewarded for having done the right things, that’s what it’s all about!”
1:17:41Ex-FDA director Thomas Frieden to NewsHour on need for Pfizer & Moderna to cough up their IP; Democracy Now on Harbin China shutdown over a single case; Dictator Dan’s “booster passport” revisited; Black Lives Matter declares New York mandate “passport to racism”
1:26:15“Climactic climate change” mashup of Biden blowing spit bubbles at UN; Justin Trudeau struggles to defend “LGDB… LGT… LGB… LGBTQ… Q+ kids” from conversion therapy
1:29:42Producer Segment: Crowder’s knockoff Troll Room; Fletcher “Comic Strip Blogger!
2:14:33“His eminence” Joe Biden promises action in “three key areas” at vaccine “mini-summit”, “China continues” flub, new meme “code red for humanity”, absurd promise of carbon-free energy sector by 2025, JCD rings the bell for “four key spheres”; Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer references nonexistent “sleepwalking into the abyss” from António Guterres; Guterres’ actual “edge of an abyss” speech; Psaki defends abrupt end to press conference with Boris Johnson
2:36:53CO2 prince spike, JCD’s L’eau de Badoit water, Texas Hill Country “winery Wednesday”
2:47:28Doconamy carbon and water impact credit card; ESG vs complex financial instruments
2:52:27Donation Segment
3:08:31All this crap’s over!” and “we’ve all suffered” isos; CBS puts al-Qaeda back on monkey bars
3:12:54CBS resurrects campus sexual assault meme kicked off by Theta Chi protests
3:17:06ISIS-K suicide bomber formerly held by CIA; TFI Global “monkeys with Kalashnikovs”
3:19:23Japan Amateur Radio League cancels Tokyo Ham Fair 2021