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1383 Spook Nation (2021-09-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “I didn’t say, I never talked to the guy, I didn’t say that!” (2:35:03)
0:00:34Producer note on Melbourne anti-lockdown protestors vs police “like the Braveheart charge”; “double-duped” by crisis actors story; British funeral home director on mass transfer of patients from hospitals to nursing homes, 1000% increase in purchases of midazolam euthanasia sedative; West Virginia Hospital Association CEO Jim Kaufman on chronic staff shortages
0:15:03Bill Maher to Jimmy Kimmel on M5M misinformation about likelihood of hospitalization; Michael Eric Dyson cheers on Joy Reid as she rants about 666,000 deaths and Trump’s control of FDA & CDC “making them put out falsehoods”, “monoclonial antibodies” for evil white people like “Tuckums” who want Nicki Minaj to die, anti-Republican “COVID is the precious, and you love it!” rant, JCD: “Goebbels would be proud”; Don Lemon goes on “these people are being harmful to the greater good” butt shot rant (BCotD), JCD on Michael Savage’s entertaining bipolar disorder, “what you get in your rear end” rebuttal from Minaj
0:27:46NBC propagates Pfizer booster marketing before and after FDA advisory panel meeting, “rare open disagreement among COVID experts”, “muddled” messaging from White House, “no real safety concerns”; Israeli health minister on 55% of deaths among the vaccinated; Dr. Jessica Rose on 1100% increase in VAERS counts for 2021 vs 2011-2020; public comment from COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund’s Steve Kirsch claims “we kill two people to save one life”
0:43:43EU vaccine mandate update; NBC on “healthcare rationing” in under-vaccinated Idaho and difficulties enforcing vaccine and mask mandates, JCD on restaurant “no” phone ploy videos; Chris Rock’s racist “I don’t know what’s in Tylenol, Gayle!” bit, JCD reveals forbidden knowledge of McDonalds secret sauce; Dan Andrews predicts need for strictly temporary “booster passport”, ACC: “that guy will also look good bald”; Justin Trudeau declares “we know … that there are constantly new variants that are going to be developed”; ABC pet doctor Jen Ashton on her fully-vaccinated daughter’s COVID-19 bout “reminding us that the vaccines work”; unsuccessful FOIA request for post-vaccination transmissibility data
0:57:21Jen Psaki downplays concerns over Biden’s persistent cough, ACC raises Parkinson’s specter; “woww!” for pop-up Metallica concert, JCD recalls Sumner Redstone’s reaction to Napster
1:03:24ACC and TtK’s visit to Lara Logan’s nearby Afghan evacuation command center, Haitian migrants in Texas, M5M clueless about power of non-M5M, fire sale
1:24:09Producer Segment
2:00:02Australian TV mocks Biden’s stream of consciousness “if Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, he woulda won” translated by JCD; Ted Cruz lies about FAA ejecting journalists from US-Mexico border; Sean Hannity “day 33” as throwback to Nightline; Space Force intelligence agency, ACC: “the United States is a spook nation!”; spot the spooks at poorly-attended DC “FBI rally”; M5M assures itself January 6 rioters are being afforded due process
2:20:12Dan Bongino dissects indictment of DNC lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to FBI; military admits “horrific mistake” droning civilians in Afghanistan; Sharyl Attkisson begins dismantling Bob Woodward’s credibility; CNBC exposes insider trading by corrupt Fed officials
2:38:51Sen. John Kennedy grills nominee Jennifer Sung over Brett Kavanaugh protest letter
2:50:07Donation Segment
3:07:26Don Lemon “inject it, put it in me!” iso; Pfizer Chantix recall; France irked at Australia’s cancellation of $65bn submarine contract; Biden’s ill-advised halt to arms sales to Saudi Arabia
3:14:46Local reporter horrified at CO2 stimulating plant growth and allergies; Emmys predictions