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1382 super-mutation (2021-09-16)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)They’re still testing aspirin!” (1:21:38)
0:00:32Slow Zephyrs and massive Chinese container trains passing by JCD’s house; “dreadful” MTV Video Music Awards ratings proof of slow M5M demise, Madonna’s “granny’s butt lift”
0:04:58JCD 3x3: wall-to-wall The Morning Show coverage on ABC thanks to Laurene Jobs, NBC promoting Rolling Stone’s “woke 500” R-E-S-P-I-C-T song list, Spielberg West Side Story plug, CBS celebrates old cookbooks; H.R.3940 Local Journalism Sustainability Act bonanza
0:21:16Dr. Peter McCullough on uselessness of vaccine against delta variant, “the vaccinated are … the superspreaders”; TikTok “walking toxicity meter” with CIRS Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome in response to vaccinated people; “shocking!” new statistic: 1 in 500 Americans have died “from COVID”; producer notes on traveling nurses making $8,300 per week, truncated Hippocratic Oath, JCD’s elusive “beloved Indian physician”; Joe Rogan reveals he was never vaccinated; “you know Fauci’s lying!” protests outside CDC after Nicki Minaj’s “his testicles became swollen” tweetstorm, Joy Reid rants about Minaj’s crimes against “our community”
0:48:26“We cannot require someone to be vaccinated” compilation; Alan Dershowitz: Biden back door mandate “probably constitutional”; JCD’s “do you know anyone who has a gun?” question at Canadian border; producer note on Queensland “iron curtain”; Clive Palmer on big pharma’s corruption blackmail campaign against New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian; ABC Media Watch investigates crisis actors in NSW vaccine propaganda; Pfizer’s slipshod booster testing protocol, “Moderna less effective than Pfizer” lie propagated by corrupt media
1:09:03WGN story on death of woman at center of Chicago ivermectin dustup, “I have never once worn a mask” crazy lady non sequitur; Gov. Kathy Hochul “make sure that we don’t spread the vaccine” flub; Biden administration limits Regeneron supply in Texas, Gates Foundation partners with UK startup Exscientia to design antiviral drugs, producer note on Pfizer executive’s revelation that pandemic began in June 2019 with Wuhan lab janitorial staff, fears of “super-mutation” based on two variants; creative “zoom, rotate, enhance” with Google Earth
1:24:29Producer Segment: JCD story of meeting sumo yokuzuna Akebono in Paris
2:12:52Potential CIA takedown of FBI via Larry Nassar case, Antony Blinken’s revealing “we, the intelligence community” on Afghanistan withdrawal, ACC surprised by Simone Biles’ involvement, gymnast McKayla Maroney to Senate Judiciary Committee: “I want to know: who are they trying to protect?”, DoJ absent from hearing, Dulles brothers’ Nazi connections
2:25:55New Trump smear book Peril by spooks Bob Woodward and Robert Costa reveals military takeover by Gen. Mark Milley and calls with Chinese Gen. Li Zuocheng, “that’s treason” from Trump; retired Col. Doug McGregor to Tucker Carlson on presidential “consultative process” before taking drastic action and Milley’s resignation option
2:41:45Muddled report on Sirhan Sirhan’s parole recommendation, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and survivor Paul Schrade on second gunman theory, ACC: “CIA snuff job”
2:48:44Donation Segment
3:01:50“That’s what I call a smorgasbord!” iso; debt-plagued Chinese real estate company Evergrande collapses thanks to meddling by Chinese government; Biden forgets “that fellow Down Under” Scott Morrison’s name at security deal press conference, JCD: “we’d have top men
3:09:43CBS announces reality game show The Activist, JCD: “and Trump’s the bad guy??”
3:11:25Dogs Are People Too: Calmer Canine tPEMF separation anxiety treatment (CotD)
3:13:57Cheers for ultimatum from Ohio mayor to school board over classroom “child pornography”