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1381 Stink Minority (2021-09-12)

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0:00:00JCD: (singing)Life is a scam!” (1:24:27)
0:00:33ACC’s sisters’ 9/11 wedding anniversaries, 20 years of the media being wrong about terrorist attacks; George W. Bush warns of “children of the same foul spirit” Black Lives Matter domestic extremists; Mike Morell to “JV CIA team” CBSN on the propensity of terrorist groups to rebound after being “degraded”, “my kids are going to be fighting this fight and my grandchildren are going to be fighting this fight”; Fox News on Hellfire “righteous strike” on seven children and US aid worker over jugs of water; “terrorist organization” Taliban meme, JCD on 9/11 pilot’s head on roof of PC Magazine editor’s house, Morell on CIA’s “fundamental responsibility” as al-Qaeda watchdog; Condoleezza Rice “the CIA and the FBI can now ahem cooperate to share intelligence” tell, Jen Psaki now exhibiting lizard tongue lie tell
0:16:39New Shit Has Come to Light: former Rep. Jane Harman reveals that the US Capitol was the intended target of United 93; Donald Rumsfeld “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” and missing $2.3T revisited, still-MIA Pentagon security tape; NPR on Mike Morell’s warning to George W. Bush about a second wave of attacks that never materialized
0:25:46NPR interviewer avoids asking about per-person resettlement cost in interview with Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area CEO¬†Kristyn Peck, free rent and clothing for Afghans with “parole status”, melodious “no!” iso for question about pushback
0:39:24Bombshell! news with UK health minister Sajid Javid announcing no vaccine passports since the public was terrorized into achieving a 83% vaccination rate; “libert√©”-chanting masses pushing back police in Paris; Biden gripes about “stink minority of Americans” and propagates last week’s “if only I had gotten the vaccine” ICU bed meme; CNN revels in “showing you what a COVID patient struggling to breathe looks like”; analysis of Biden’s misleading 1 in 160,000 hospitalization and 1 in 5,000 breakthrough numbers, ACC: “35,000 people a day will have breakthrough cases!”, 300M rapid tests probably from Gates & Soros
0:55:41Huron University College ethics professor Julie Ponesse discusses the ethics of vaccine mandates; Justin Trudeau tolerantly promotes intolerance “for their anti-vax beliefs, for their mysogynistic beliefs, ‘cause we don’t wanna ruffle the boat”; Ponesse further considers “unnecessary medical procedure”; “let it burn” attitude coming from the Dudes Named Ben
1:05:16CNN stooge Leana Wen claims “travelmm and having the right to travel” are not rights; Hate Clip jingle for Pivot with Scott Galloway back from party island of Ibiza, “you wanna cash a Social Security, Medicare, unemployment check?”, ACC: “they shaved your head and paraded you through the street”; M5M “didn’t go far enough” compilation; Australian Sen. Jacqui Lambie warns her protesting constituents “you’re really going to feel the hate”; Bondi Beach giant voice system; rumors of hospitals providing ivermectin only to the vaccinated
1:18:00Lara Logan on Biden OSHA’s relaxation of vaccine injury reporting requirements; JCD irked at Republican Party’s refusal to fund California recall; ACC reads the Hippocratic Oath, In the Garden of Beasts and mass formation; unpaid leave for United Airlines employees with exemptions, JCD on “maelstrom of hate” Twitter vs No Agenda Social
1:37:44North Carolina hospital staff discuss making COVID-19 numbers “a little more scary for the public”; American Board of Pediatrics threatens disciplinary action; JCD’s call to ivermectin co-creator Dr. William Campbell, origin in soil sample from Japan owned by woke Merck
1:49:58Producer Segment: Wolfman Jack Darren O’Neill; America’s Frontline Doctors Rx scam
2:24:53ACC predicts “no booster” as FDA drags its feet on Pfizer & Moderna boosters
2:28:05BBC blames drought and inflation Southern Brazil on climate change, producer notes on Green New Deal high-voltage DC cabling rolling out around US; KLM removes meat from the economy menu; Biden tornado comment explained; $4,500 EV tax incentive restricted to union shops; CBS This Morning celebrates pathetic CO2 capture project in Iceland
2:39:00JCD “Commies in Class!” NTD report on California teachers promoting communism and recommending Pledge of Allegiance to rainbow flag; JCD all-in on in-classroom cameras, Texas schools “protecting” student with constant Social Sentinel surveillance
2:45:44CNN goes on anti-China tear with coverage of Xi Jinping’s “New Cultural Revolution” against successful businesses and celebrities; Bank for International Settlements urges accelerated digital currency deployment; “please shut up” about Russia-China relations from Ambassador Qin Gang; Pope Francis’ virtue-signaling trip to Hungary and Slovakia; founder of Shining Path Peruvian guerilla group Abimael Guzman dies in prison
2:55:59ABC on FTC taking note of right to repair movement, JCD blames EULA madness on WordStar creator Seymour Rubinstein, ACC irked at sparkling water CO2 shrinkflation
3:01:08Donation Segment: “we are the platform” Newsletter; Sir Chris Wilson solo meetup skit
3:16:50Creepy Biden “get vaccinated!” whisper and “no!” isos; warning about “scientific technological elite” from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1960 farewell address to Congress