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1380 TransMoney (2021-09-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “He shreds man, it’s so dope he shreds on NPR.” (3:15:44)
0:00:35ACC’s painful pinned ear from new Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones
0:01:36JCD 3x3: Becky Worley’s Kansas sunflower field and Ted Lasso tie-in, ACC: “she could easily be the next Diane Sawyer”, 50% off pillowcases, NBC Thursday night football, CBS tour of obscure Times Square restaurant; Robin Roberts’ upcoming Amanda Gorman interview; Media Rating Council revokes Nielsen’s seal of approval in favor of bogus Silicon Valley standards
0:14:20Joe Rogan ivermectin shitstorm continues with Yahoo News condemning “avermectin, that horse tranquilizer drug”; “no comment” for JCD’s e-mail to study author, “horse wormer” comment from local pharmacist; producer note on American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ disinterest in informed consent, 2017 “enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug” article, Newsletter photo of $3 Indian blister pack; WGN Chicago package on “parasitic worms in humans”, CDPH Commissioner Allison Arwady: “we don’t have any evidence at this point, certainly that it does anything to prevent COVID”, “poison control centers have seen a sharp increase in calls related to ivermectin exposure” lie; WGN propagates Nigerian 85% sterilization rate fraud; Jimmy Kimmel’s ivermectin memes with Alex Jones; “Merckmectin”
0:33:59Australian Question Everything dreams up “ivermectin for your rectum”; Victoria health officer Ben Cowie: “no evidence behind its use”; correlation between kidney failure spike and use of Remdesivir; “please know that you will be shot … in the face” mashup starring Gladys Berejiklian; Dictator Dan promises “to protect the health system we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated”; National Nurses United speaks out against “pandemic of the unvaccinated” message; NSW health officer Kerry Chant notes “we will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order”; Queensland to open vaccine concentration camp at Wellcamp Airport in mid-2022, ACC: “we’re gonna have blood Down Under”
0:48:25Nurses marvel at their transformation from heroes to ignorant science deniers; Idaho facing adoption of “crisis standard of care”, ACC: “death panels!”; NTD on South Australian at-home spy app Quarantine SA; producer note on slipshod Manhattan vaccine enforcement; pro-Newsom “Republican recall” ad; ACLU noodle kids come out in support of vaccine mandates, CDC tweaks definition of vaccination by changing “immunity” to “protection”, Yahoo Finance calls “game over” on non-mRNA vaccines, influenza returns to India after 18-month hiatus
1:05:15Latest smoking-gun batch of Fauci gain of function e-mails published by The Intercept
1:07:41“Fuck Joe Biden” chant cropping up at games and concerts; Project Veritas “butt calls”
1:11:10Catherine Austin Fitts on the emergence and funding of new vs old media
1:13:11Producer Segment: troll count statistics; Texas Hill Country Pineapple Express
1:50:28ACC’s Megyn Kelly podcast saga continues, ACC: “your retirement fund can be gold!
1:54:01NPR on Antony Blinken vs “inclusive” Taliban government; Fox News mocks State Department’s refusal to admit charter flights with US citizens and Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap by Obama and “the twerp” Susan Rice; woke CBS spook on pre-evacuation marriages and 41,000 Afghan evacuees currently in the US, ACC notes spike in fentanyl overdoses
2:10:31Producer note on abandoned munitions sold to Afghan army before pullout; China weighs in on coup in vassal state Guinea, crackdown on gamers and effete males
2:18:44NPR gloats over Texas heat exposure deaths; University of Texas Austin sued over “racist” The Eyes of Texas; Rachel Maddow identifies legal Achilles heel in abortion law “bounties”
2:28:34Biden “guess what?” compilation, “that’s what the labiunion’s all about … provides dignity for people who deserve to be treated differently” (CotD), apology for rambling about “child tax crr”, “not a joke” revisited, we no longer call them tornadoes; homes “at once underwater and engulfed by flames” in the wake of Hurricane Ida, Biden “that’s no hyperbole!” lie
2:38:56NPR’s summary of $3.5T reconciliation bill with $2T MIA; Ernst Wolff “digital-financial complex” video, debt limit hysteria, transitionary inflation “trans money”, National Economic Council director Brian Deese blames animal protein for high food prices; CBS spook leverages COVID-19 outbreaks at meat-packing facilities, promotes robotic food preparation
2:49:33Donation Segment
3:05:40Water witching in Texas Hill Country; producer note on Kanye West’s paradigm-changing new album Donda, John Legend’s 2017 “most creative people are liberal” revisited; Biden “thank you, thank you” iso; NPR spices up surfing report with “dope” and “shreds”