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137 Miley Cyrus Meets Hannah Montana (2009-10-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “I have the swine flu!” (1:01:17)
0:00:37Top donor executive producer
0:01:10Transbay Joint Powers Authority violating 7am-6pm construction noise ordinance, ACC: “do you have a skull somewhere I can borrow?”; JCD on “we hit people in the mouth” Mike Singletary’s temporary appointment success; gold’s record high of $1050, Crosslink Capital gold trader predicts $5-8k
0:11:22JCD on cycles theory as applied to empires, ACC on 240-year cycles from Assyria to Romanovs; $636bn defense bill just passed by Senate, Gitmo prisoners barred from transfer to US soil; Ari Fleischer: “the things that George Bush was most criticized for, Barack Obama to his credit has continued”; Obama “too busy” to address don’t ask don’t tell; ACC’s one-ounce gold coin, US Mint gold coin production ended, Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102
0:22:14Healthcare bill set to be rushed through, CBO projects $829bn cost over 10 years, $81bn deficit reduction, Christian Science exemption; TARP bonus “shell bill” plan B; racist Democrats
0:27:39The state of No Agenda international coverage, Tony Blair’s Catholic conversion for meeting with Pope; JCD on setup for European civil war: “something about cheese”; Nancy Pelosi all-in on value added tax, JCD on outrageous California taxes and potholes (JCDPPotD)
0:36:39Obama promises to follow al-Qaeda “wherever they take root”; DHS program to detect travelers “up to no good” FAST Future Attribute Screening Technology, “blinking, fidgeting, and other bodily functions”; French officials warn about butt bombs, JCD: “blow it out your ass!
0:40:08Producer note on voting machines banned in Germany; Janeane Garofalo’s Dubai “sexualized culture” vs out of control underground
0:42:58Monsanto blaming US farmers for “super weed” pigweed’s new immunity to Roundup
0:46:20ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis on firing “mothers and grandmothers who thought they were doing the right thing by not being judgemental”; Glenn Beck spins story into actual prostitution
0:48:55Joe Lieberman asks FBI head Robert Mueller about relations with NYPD, “exactly the same answer” from Ray Kelly, “national treasures in terms of law enforcement and counterterrorism”; ACC gripes about C-SPAN 3 only available online
0:54:19No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: The Early Show on “long-awaited H1N1 vaccine”, FluMist “priority group”, Austin hospital military tent, Oklahoma City callback with new Mexican kid; Schwarzenegger declares state of emergency; outraged reactions to “you probably have the swine flu”, JCD: people “out and out superstitious”
1:04:43Donation Segment: Micky’s assistant Eva describes her H1N1; Bubba Martin ill
1:14:47Pop quiz: book with 300k in 2009 to-date sales Atlas Shrugged, JCD: “I read it last week”