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1379 Afghaniscam (2021-09-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Don’t take horse medicine!” (0:32:26)
0:00:33ACC & TtK’s party with Austin schoolteacher outraged at new Texas abortion law, medical emergency loophole, bogus “$10,000 bounty” talking point failing to take into account need for $100,000 civil lawsuit, additional outrage over S.B. 3 school curriculum revamp; virtue-signaling Lyft establishes “legal defense fund”, new “overthrow Roe” meme; Jonathan Capehart to gripe “it’s beyond Handmaid’s Tale”, “desperately trying to safeguard their health and perhaps the health of their unborn child”, JCD: “by killing it!” (CotD), Michael Moore Gerson notes potential to influence 2022 midterms in favor of Democrats
0:18:40Moderna lagging behind Pfizer in 50µg booster approval, Israeli vaccine passport to accommodate four shots and expire every six months, ACC: “immunity as a service”; Face the Nation badgering Anthony Fauci to green-light Pfizer boosters for Moderna recipients; KHOU “The Why” segment labels ivermectin trials “problematic” and promotes monoclonal antibodies; KFOR Oklahoma claims idiots taking ivermectin doses “meant for a full-sized horse” are displacing gunshot victims in emergency rooms, hospital issues press release to counter media lies; 2021 and 2005 studies of ivermectin and chloroquine, CDC recommends ivermectin for refugees, Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over ivermectin disinformation; Alex Jones consumes prescription ivermectin with “Nobel Prize winning for humans!” chant
0:36:27Scott Gottlieb reminds us Moderna booster may be delayed; Berkeley to enforce proof of vaccination mandate after one week grace period; ICU “desperation” in Canada; reminder from JCD about Mimi’s rosacea, ACC: “don’t you put it up the horse’s butt?”; West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice speaks at length about the increase in cases among the fully vaccinated; Patriots coach Bill Belichick notes “pretty high number” of infections among vaccinated staff; fake “Maderna” vaccination card; Gov. DeSantis promises $5,000 fines for proof of vaccination requirements; mandates coming from Google, Apple, and Facebook; “no return to the old normal” compilation; CBC promises “more vaccinations or more restrictions”; New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian assures her subjects “if you stay home and you’re vaccinated, chances are you won’t require hospitalization”, producer note on half-hearted police welfare check after app screwup; Sweden to ban travel from Israel in September; NSW bowing to pressure from the “truckies”, French crowds ignoring Pass Sanitaire requirements in malls
0:58:11“I have two trans kids in my house” troll rant at Dallas City Council meeting; CDC study finds 83% herd immunity in blood donors; Nancy Pelosi holds Build Back Better Act press conference in Austin; Biden gripes about wooden telephone poles in push for Build Back Better Plan; oil and gas “succession planning” clip from Show 1357 applied to healthcare industry; Biden uses “crimate crisis” to push for post-Ida infrastructure reforms, idiotic comments on replacing high-tension wires with underground cables under centralized control
1:19:25ACC links end of unemployment benefits to “broken” ice cream machine at Dripping Springs Dairy Queen and 45 minute wait at Whataburger, call for Dudes named Ben vs M5M; homeless producer note on “high and psychotic” Austin homeless population
1:26:41Producer Segment: “Justin Trudeau is een paardelul
1:57:52ACC’s upcoming “audition” on Megyn Kelly’s new SiriusXM show; Firefly Aerospace Alpha rocket explosion and “firmament first” theory, JCD: “second half of show!
2:02:27Biden gem “the resources they need have to be get to them” and “same old poles” ramble; NFL’s list of approved social justice helmet decals, Jamaicans protest rainbow flag at US Embassy, Apple noodle kids demand promotion auditing and transparency from Tim Cook, JCD: “you just read the death notice for Apple”, ACC on toxic Apple Store “slave farm”
2:09:27Victor Davis Hanson reflects on “greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare”, JCD on four abandoned C-130s, “these are left behind on purpose!” to fight the Chinese; BBC scolds Taliban for “the women became bloody” reaction to protestors; Fox report gloats at “potentially lethal spoils” in Taliban hands; Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson discuss fraudulent deep state “happy talk” debunked by Afghanistan Papers; note from Sir Onymous of Dogpatch on exploitation of uneducated men in tribal areas, ACC: “it’s purely CIA!”; Wall Street Journal accuses Biden of scapegoating intelligence agencies, JCD notes lack of surface-to-air munitions amongst abandoned materiel, ACC: “you show me Toyotas, I’ll believe these guys are terrorists!”; PBS mulls “momentary blip” of Biden’s latest 61% disapproval rate, JCD predicts resignation for Joe and impeachment for Kamala, “John Lennon is alive” theories
2:37:42Donation Segment
2:55:48“Goody goody” for Biden “no evackiation!” iso; China slaps time limits on online gaming; Instagram functional medicine purge; Chinese Labor Ministry condemns “996” overwork culture
3:02:55Erik Prince regales Tucker Carlson with story of rescuing Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, and John Kerry in Afghanistan, “I didn’t get a Christmas card”
3:04:52Steve Bannon’s War Room discusses video of 240 “ballot traffickers” in Georgia, JCD draws parallel with Tom Arnold’s disappearing “Trump tapes”