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1378 Yer Boy Amy (2021-09-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, Adam Curry Heinz zevenenvijftig heh heh heh!” (2:07:23)
0:00:34Jen Psaki bitches about use of the term “stranded” and John Kirby uses the term “stranded”
0:02:28Murders of judge and lawyer linked to murder of Peter de Vries in Dutch “narco-state”, ACC Netherlands travel tip: $200 Schiphol VIP Center, TSA boot Nazi in Dallas
0:10:20JCD 3x3: Good Morning America cereal controversy, CBS “QAnon casualties” hysteria; clockwork DHS 9/11 homegrown terrorism warning; NBC Spice Girls and Seinfeld promos, JCD calls bullcrap on Greg Gutfeld ratings comparison, bone marrow donor interviewed by “anxiety”-obsessed host, ACC: “this guy … we’d put him in a MAGA hat”
0:22:05M5M perplexed at probably-vaccinated Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 diagnosis and propagating “deworming veterinary drug” Ivermectin meme; Anderson Pooper “breaking news” featuring “substantial increase in overdoses” warning; an angry Brian Stelter rants about Rogan’s “hundred million dollars!” Spotify deal and “horse deworming medication”; CNN medical spokeshole Leana Wen lies “we actually know that it doesn’t work”; France 24 “false miracle drug” hit piece; Pfizer working on twice-daily antiviral pill to be used alongside vaccines
0:36:07Two senior FDA regulators resign over CDC power grab, big pharma revolving door superstars former FDA Stephen Hahn and European Medicines Agency’s Emir Cooke; Chris Hayes gloats at news of anti-vaccine lawyers and radio hosts dying of COVID-19; Anthony Fauci issues “don’t do it!” warning to Jake Tapper against “anti-parasite horse drug”, “no clinical evidence” lie by omission; National Geographic Fauci documentary to be released on September 11; Fauci moans about being the face of public health “politization”; “extremely vaccinated” Gene Simmons positive for coronavirus; ACC’s millennial realizes “this vaccine doesn’t work!”; another case of Moderna contamination in Japan, JCD recommends, airspace closure in West Virginia after Moderna spill, New England Journal of Medicine notes 83% rise in infections among healthcare workers, line-toeing Greg Gutfeld
0:51:43Former NBA Andrew Bogut on effort to recruit him for “you everyday plebs … stay home” PSA; producer note on Johnson & Johnson “black balls”; Australian playground rules, bipartisan Identify and Disrupt Bill for domestic surveillance, data modification, and account takeover; New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian follows “pandemic of the unvaccinated” note with comment about seeing the fully vaccinated “horribly die”; “complete and utter chaos” from Queensland truckies’ protest; Dame Lindsey discusses Nolechek’s Meats vs FDA with local radio station featuring top three No Agenda memes; producer notes on students being paid $25 to take “noninvasive” tests, Meritas enamel pins, piles of empty shoes
1:11:05New Revenge of the Nerds-inspired mu and C.1.2 variants; CDC vs FDA on boosters, federal civil rights investigation into state mask bans; “Vaxmatch” CEO Vivek Murthy announces booster program; “Amy Goodman clip inbound” trigger warning, “yer boy Amy” mourns unvaccinated Palestinians and Eastern Europeans
1:21:10Producer Segment: JCD’s testimonial; Total Wine & More “copy that”
2:08:282021 as repeat of 2005, ACC: “giant Python program”; former Bush-era defense official Mary Beth Long to Shep Smith on US citizens locked out of Kabul airport, “they did lie to us”, ACC on NATO hatred for Biden and military “pencil pushers”; Dana Perino’s Show 1374 “the empire strikes back” comment on Biden pissing off CIA, Schumer’s “six ways from Sunday”
2:25:13Biden takes flak from checking his watch rosary during military memorial, Trump lets slip “I am thinking about … doing something early”; NTD on six children killed in recent drone strike; France 24 on Afghan parade of looted military hardware; leaked Ghani-Biden transcript including gems like “there’s a need to project a different picture”; NBC airs Biden “incredible skill, bravely” and “evackiation” flubs, ACC on Dutch ban on Autocue systems in media
2:43:02Mike Richards further ousted over podcast remarks, ACC’s “Blossom brigade” e-mail comment, JCD: “Geordi is no good!”, Curry & the Keeper succession planning; Elizabeth “feminine wiles” Holmes rolls out abusive ex-boyfriend defense in Theranos fraud trial
2:54:31“Phil McCracken” and “Eileen Dover” prank at Henrico County VA school board meeting
2:57:04Donation Segment
3:12:09Trump “our country is being destroyed!” iso; ACC’s new Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones, YouTube influencers promoting TASCAM Mixcast 4, Apple II loaner program
3:20:47ACC on the lookout for CME-induced internet outages; ABC promotes toilet paper hoarding
3:23:08Amy Goodman rants about Texas abortion law with “before many people even know they’re pregnant” meme; “all enemies foreign and Texan” bile from Chris Hayes; Amy continues to bash Texas with news of “sweeping voter restriction bill”; ACC notes passage of constitutional carry provision, JCD: “this whole thing just stinks of California”
3:31:09Biden administration rolls out Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, ACC points out CDC’s ability to “shut people down and lock them in their homes”; Justin Trudeau: “what we learnt from this climate, this, uh, COVID crisis, we will be applying to the climate crisis, to the housing crisis, to reconciliation”, JCD: “get this prick out of office, Canadians!”