Call Clooney!

1376 Dead Puppies (2021-08-26)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Oh wow!” (0:09:36)
0:00:35JCD’s expanding Berkeley homeless camp; ISIS-K suicide bombing in Kabul
0:03:53JCD 3x3: CBS mourns pasturing of Anthony Mason, ABC gay hair stylists discuss “curtain bangs”, NBC idiots dumbstruck at dairy-free pasta sauce
0:09:41Gaffe of the Week: Jen Psaki “our efforts to address the global plandemic”; Biden’s peculiar “or at least since Johnson” non-sequitur
0:12:53ACC’s unnecessary $250 emergency COVID-19 test en route to the Netherlands, maskless biometrics experiment, testing documents ignored at mask-free airport on entry, Dutch media observing coronavirus blackout, armored truck heist, wall-to-wall Charlie Watts coverage
0:25:29Former UK commander Col. Richard Kemp calls for Biden court-martial, JCD predicts resignation; Gerald Ford’s “the president will die” prediction for first female president; Kamala Harris’ flight to Vietnam delayed due to two new cases of Havana syndrome
0:34:34Dr. Robert Malone on the Comirnaty/Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine twins; FDA head Janet Woodcock announces of “pivotal moment” of Pfizer approval without the benefit of advisory panel, confusing “the FDA-approved vaccine and the EUA-authorized vaccine”, FDA regulator Dr. Peter Marks lies “we’ve heard false claims that thousands of people have died from the vaccine, let me clear: these claims are simply not true”; Michael Osterholm lies “not one person in this country has died as the result of the 185 million people who have received the vaccine”, myocarditis “only side effect” lie; EU Cominarty approval side effect laundry list of side effects; Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tells Lester Holt about “specialized vaccine for delta” development; Osterholm claims “three or four doses” are required for some childhood vaccines; “blood clot issues” appended to announcement of Johnson & Johnson jumping on booster bandwagon
1:02:07Rochelle Walensky admits “increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early” in Israel; Bill Maher argues with douchebag former Rep. Max Rose about need for boosters, JCD on Maher’s first appearance on The Tonight Show; preprint Israeli paper finds superiority of natural immunity, new terms “original antigenic sin” and “antigenic drift”
1:09:06Dr. Christina Parks argues for workplace vaccine mandate ban in Michigan, JCD irked by disappearance of “spike protein” mantra; Biden outright encourages companies to institute vaccine mandates or “face strict requirements”; spokeshole John Kirby answers “great question” about “tools” to applied to “team” members before throwing the book at them; former Obama DHS stooge Juliette Kayyem proposes to withdraw “privilege of flying” from the unvaccinated, “the vaccinated have feelings too”; Delta Airlines to charge unvaccinated employees $200 per month for health insurance; Queensland regional quarantine facility; New South Wales to reward its slaves for 6M vaccinations by allowing haircuts; Illinois hospitals administering first Pfizer shot for all admissions
1:26:34Low-energy industrial hygienist Dr. Steven Petty places masks and respirators on “hierarchy of controls”; Anthony Fauci amplifies JCD’s Spring 2022 prediction; 15 dogs including 10 puppies killed in New South Wales to prevent COVID-19 spread
1:40:48Producer Segment: JCD’s “who the fuck are you kidding??” name pronunciation experiment
2:24:08“Walkaway Joe” Biden’s habit of leaving enumerations unfinished after “one!”, ten marines dead at the hands of “ISIL”; refugee system “purposely destroyed by my predecessor”, 85,000 refugees on the way to small Dutch towns and “processing centers”; advice on preparing for bad weather with radios and vaccines; Build Back Better/New World Order compilation
2:35:27UK media label incel phenomenon “racist ideology” in wake of school shooting; OnlyFans abandons porn ban publicity stunt; 300 California recall ballots found in car certainly not a sign of election shenanigans, LA Times labels Larry Elder “black face of white supremacy”; “Delta Airlines is paging Recall Newsom” at unnamed airport, “Noah Jenda” opportunity
2:45:25ABC News runs Lunchables native ad disguised as report on supply chain issues; ships taken out of service ahead of 2023 natural gas mandates; Australian home solar panel owners facing charges for the privilege of generating power for the grid; Alaska Airlines flight evacuated due to battery fire; Dark Outpost podcast on Jill Biden’s arrest in Georgia on elder abuse charges
2:56:39Donation Segment
3:12:40Tony Robbins “they really are sending you love and there’s no agenda” iso
3:13:54C-SPAN caller cut off after mention of “deal with the drug dealers” in Afghanistan, host loses composure when asked to “repeat yourself?”