Call Clooney!

1375 At This Hour (2021-08-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh! Eureka!” (2:43:31)
0:00:36JCD’s experimental Blueberry Cheerios, ACC’s not-so-secure PCR test at CVS
0:05:28Pervasive “at this hour” meme for Afghanistan; Sky News Australia on pitfalls of using 25th Amendment to replace Biden with Harris; Dimension A Chinese election meddling theory; Pelosi’s 2020 bill for 25th Amendment commission with “medical experts”; Chuck Todd mourns “catastrophic decision” to pull military out first; BBC attacks Biden with “babies literally being flung in the air” lie, idiotic “random date September 11”, old “fighting season” meme; ABC News on anonymous State Department visas flooding Afghanistan, JCD: “blank vaccine forms”; ACC notes failure to use Civil Reserve Air Fleet, Rep. Debbie Dingell reveals Hillary Clinton’s private charter flights, ACC: “if it’s Hillary, someone’s gonna die!”
0:31:39Bill Clinton in August 1998 discussing military strikes on “Usama bin Laden” affiliates; rebranded ISIS-K resurrected from Obama era; NTD report on Biden’s assurances to citizens and allies, 169 rescued from airport hotel, unlikely stories of Blackhawk pilots escaping by air
0:48:50Justin Trudeau positions reelection campaign as “counter to tyranny”; New South Wales health minister thanks residents who “increased their percentage voteā€¦ percentage vaccinations”
0:51:37We Love NYC concert canceled due to Hurricane Henri and/or Barry Manilow; Trump booed for “take the vaccines!” in Alabama, cheers for “everything woke turns to shit”; Trump: boosters a “money-making operation for Pfizer”; producer note on new batch expiring in October; Peter Hotez “three and done”; MA Gov. Charlie Baker “a little bummed out” about Biden’s lack of booster plan; incomprehensible “waning infection” blather from Rochelle Walensky; JCD predicts new variant in Florida; Francis Collins questioned about “omega variant”; Ron DeSantis’ monoclonal antibody treatment centers, Regeneron stockpile scarfed up by federal government in 2020, “AstraZeneca’s revenge” antibody treatment; Pfizer FDA approval looming; India’s “game-changing” DNA vaccine; producer note on Austin mask insanity
1:15:14Producer note on nursing exodus; healthcare costs vs elective procedure timing; JCD unimpressed with clip of “freedom-loving pathologist” Dr. Roger Hodkinson; Dr. Sean “you will die” Brooks revisited; JCD catches Tucker Carlson selectively editing clips CNN-style; McDonalds vaccine mandate; White House’s continued ban on travel to Canada and Mexico
1:32:02Producer Segment
2:06:04JCD’s MIA towels and ACC’s spam courtesy of Mike Lindell; Colorado county clerk barred from election audit; State Department “hit” by cyberattack; Amazon planning brick and mortar department stores; Allegiant Stadium “cashless venue” experiment fails dismally; backlash against Apple’s CSAM surveillance plan seemingly hatched with China
2:18:59Fully-vaccinated Jesse Jackson hospitalized; vaccinated accounting for 60% of UK deaths
2:23:00Jennifer Granholm plugs residential solar in Bay Area; Chevy Bolt exploding battery recall
2:27:58FBI steps back from January 6 investigation; future presidential candidate Rep. Matt Gaetz mocks Gen. Lloyd Austin, ACC: “he comes from swamp”; Marjorie Taylor Green channels Al Green with impeachment promise; ABC Australia accidentally cuts to B-roll of Satanic ritual
2:38:02Mike Richards ousted from Jeopardy! over podcast remarks, JCD “booth babes” story; Tigers announcer Jack Morris suspended for “berry berry careful”, Uncle Don’s “shittabajo” jokes; OnlyFans porn ban thanks to banking industry; black mother goes after Black Lives Matter
2:49:42Donation Segment
3:01:01“Oh yeah!” iso; “wet fart” Hurricane Henri fearmongering