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1373 Mass Formation (2021-08-15)

Show 1373 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Fabulouuus!” (1:12:17)
0:00:33ACC marvels “it’s just restarting!” in Afghanistan, media ignoring pipeline-related bombing in Somalia; Internet Archive errata, JCD impressed with 78-inch record archive including tenor Smith Ballew; marriage-preserving home construction tip from Dana Brunetti
0:08:13Discussion of UK swine flu hysteria from Show 228, JCD: “they’re working on a better version of that bug now, in a lab someplace”; CNN walkback on natural immunity with appeal to racism; two communist Austin restaurants capitulate on passports after liquor license threats; CDC struggling with “third dose” vs “booster”; NPR hospital capacity hysteria; local California report on boosters; Experian doing passport identity verification for State of Illinois
0:27:09Producer note on vaccine fascism in Germany & San Francisco; New South Wales rolls out military enforcers and laundry list of fines; NPR downplays French anti-passport protests
0:37:05Reiner Fuellmich WHO lawsuit deposition by Dr. Mattias Desmet regarding the “mass formation” phenomenon giving rise to totalitarianism, “free-floating anxiety” among the isolated and disaffected, “mass formation is a sort of hypnosis”, JCD on “are you vaccinated?” as “have you had the training?”, “people become radically intolerant for dissonant voices” (CotD)
0:57:12NBC on impact of California wildfire smoke and COVID-19 cases in 2020; producer notes on healthcare industry appearing to torpedo itself, Canadian mandates for federally-regulated industries; JCD on Bullshit Jobs and generationally changing attitudes toward jobs vs hobbies
1:09:40Producer Segment: JCD’s paper route plate glass near-miss, ACC’s closet reel-to-reel
1:37:26NPR: “huge!” swaths of Afghanistan captured by Taliban, JCD: “the Pentagon is gonna have a lot of explaining to do”; Biden under fire having promised “there’s gonna be no circumstance where you’re gonna see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy” in early July, JCD on Korea and Vietnam as money-wasting “fiascos”, 4,000 more US troops headed to Kabul, embassy staff preparing to bug out, JCD identifies “more Americans died of COVID” meme; CBS stooge Mike Morell claims “the capabilities of the Afghan security forces to fight has been significantly degraded”, ACC’s 2003 experience with useless Iraqi training program, Morell envisions Taliban suicide attacks; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime celebrates Afghanistan Opium Survey 2020 documenting 37% increase in opium production; Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets openly with Taliban, Chinese fentanyl vs CIA heroin
1:59:45NBC misrepresents vague DHS 9/11 terrorism warning as based on “anti-government rhetoric”, first English-language Inspire magazine in four years signals Obama narrative is back in play; CBS lies “violent extremists could take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions to conduct attacks”, ACC: “the document says the opposite!”; ABC gloats over QAnon “serpent DNA” family murder in California; Frontline Liberty City Seven and Six-Week Cycle
2:09:13Inevitable “just send your cash” and USAID rollout of Samantha Power after Haiti earthquake
2:11:22Justin Trudeau to request snap election prominently featuring mail-in ballots
2:17:50NPR celebrates floods and mudslides in Turkey caused by global warming
2:21:33Andrew Cuomo’s New York Magazine interview; State Assembly backs down on impeachment; Bill Maher riffs on Obama’s “let them eat cake” birthday party; sweaty drunk Gavin Newsom rants angrily about Texas and US Forest Service; pro-Newsom ads from Elizabeth Warren
2:39:39Donation Segment
2:54:28Newsom “look that up, that’s a fact!” iso; eugenicist George Bernard Shaw’s plan for culling the useless eaters recapitulated in Star Trek Odyssey episode