Call Clooney!

1372 Grope Line (2021-08-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “What?? My, my Sparky died?” (2:46:21)
0:00:35JCD 3x3: ABC football/TikTok fashion and Bobby Flay, NBC celebrity interviewer Al Roker, CBS “COVID questions answered” all-in on vaccinating children and boosters
0:06:23Stanford institutes weekly testing in spite of vaccine mandate; Austin “running out of ICU beds” thanks to bonehead Gov. Abbott fired hospital workers, “there are eighteen cars in the parking lot”; “harsh measures” in China over one case; ABC “hospitalizations are up 1000%” hysteria; CDC “shielding approach” FEMA camp document; seven-day lockdown in Australian Capital Territory over a single case; producer note on Australians as compliant rule-followers; Newsy R-naught “contagious ladder” report, JCD placebo theory revisited
0:23:41Hysterical ABC report on potentially nonexistent “pediatric intensive care units getting overwhelmed” in Florida; Anthony Fauci all-in on local vaccine mandates for teachers; Peter Doocy grills Jen Psaki about failure to nominate FDA head; Mika Brzezinski whines about “begging” people to get vaccinated, Fauci asserts vaccines are “as good as fully approved”, “guaranteed, it’s gonna happen”; breathy-voiced NPR report featuring hysterical Phoenix doctor with daughter “exposed to the virus” and plenty of anti-GOP vitriol; “just stop doing that” message for African-Americans making reference to Tuskegee Syphilis Study; “screw your freedom” message from Arnold Schwarzenegger, ACC: “maybe a star sign, Arnold”; profanity-laden anti-vaccine “psych!” rant from Tom Hank’s son Chet; JCD on 20,000:1 infection long shot, producer note on nursing home switching between antigen and PCR testing
0:46:59Dr. Dan Stock’s “contrary to all the rules of science” speech to Indiana school board unable to propagate due to its 18-minute length; court hearing in case of hospital refusing to honor ivermectin prescription; radio host Kate Dalley’s struggle to get hospital to abandon useless protocol to treat her husband’s “COVID pneumonia”; producer denied ivermectin by pharmacy, ACC “universal basic healthcare” theory, NHS Liverpool Protocol “death panel”
1:04:20St. Louis County Executive Sam Page warns “more children will become ill with vaccine”; CDC finally acknowledges menstrual issues triggered by vaccine; James Corbett Who Is Bill Gates documentary on the vaccine fiascos perpetrated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; three US airlines stop short of vaccine mandates for “team members”
1:15:16Dogs Are People Too: COVID-19 in cats at UC Davis, bizarre “unless they’re wild animals”
1:17:55Revealing COVID documentary on 2019 closure of Fort Detrick and vaping pneumonia outbreak characterized by “ground glass opacities”, 90% of vape liquid from China; nonexistent August 11 internet outage predicted by the “Trump Republicans”, Kamala Harris apparently not detained at Guantánamo Bay, “the plan” moved up to August 25; Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium “worse than a local cable telethon”, 20-minute analysis of CCP election meddling; JCD’s history of MSNBC and ACC’s story of Tom Brokaw’s Bill Clinton interview, evidence of Tucker Carlson guests wired into control room
1:41:59New York Times “sheep dipping” with South African Daily Maverick “insurrection” story identified in the wild; Biden administration’s equity-oriented infrastructure bill; Heritage Foundation expert on bill’s skewed public transportation priority
1:51:03Producer Segment: first-ever insta-Duchess; “magical shapeshifting Jews” origin story
2:48:13No Agenda pizza; M5M Andrew Cuomo “one of the heroes on the front lines” compilation; “final straw” butt rubbing account from executive assistant Brittany Commisso; Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul throws Cuomo under the bus; Cuomo attorney Rita Glavin: “the governor was at a public event and he was working a grope line”; Cuomo’s cowardly “I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn”, JCD: “bull-shit!”; nursing home cover-up co-conspirator Howard Zucker quietly resigns
3:00:28NPR obsesses over Batman sidekick Robin coming out of the closet as bisexual, ACC: “investors like this stuff”; Woke, Inc. author Vivek Ramaswamy on Obama Department of Justice allowing banks to offset fines with donations to woke nonprofits after 2008 recession
3:11:29Climategate: new IPCC report issues “code red for humanity warning”; Heritage Foundation podcast on rich history of climate change mispredictions; prediction reference; Michael Mann to George Stephanopoulos: “we can see the impacts of climate change playing out now in real time on our television screens and in our newspapaer headlines”, ACC: “we’re not gonna see it in the real world”, “restoration of leadership” with Orange Man out
3:27:50Donation Segment: JCD’s Santa Barbara wind farm survey
3:45:28“The focus should be on saving lives!” iso; Antony Blinken channels Obama in blaming Iran for drone attack on cargo ship off Oman; Biden administration’s counterproductive post-inauguration attempt to erase Trump’s 1776 Commission
3:52:37New Hunter Biden hooker video references another laptop in Russian hands