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1371 Bald Nancy (2021-08-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Jeffrey Toobin’s gonna be on a Zoom call, you might get lucky!” (0:44:02)
0:00:32Party horns for JCD’s and Mimi’s 33rd wedding anniversary
0:02:33ACC declares “mass hysteria mode”, author of unfortunately-titled A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic Laura Dodsworth on impending shift in “nudge” campaign to climate change by Behavioural Insights Team
0:15:40Arkansas Department of Public Health PSA featuring possible pimp or drug dealer; Biden cites “unvaccinated community”; 4chan #AskMeWhy campaign; CNN alarmed at “sharp decline in vaccination ads on television”, “that is a decline right at the time that you don’t want a decline because there are so many people who need to hear this message”; Jim Acosta rebukes Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley with “he seemed okay with fear and intimidation on January sixth”; Lester Holt cites “56% of grownups” as receiving vaccine; CBS in 2020 accusing Gov. Kristi Noem of incurring $12bn Sturgis rally cost; CNN points to 463 cases tracked by CDC; CBS nonetheless anticipates “something like a superspreader event” for 2021, Michael Osterholm predicts scenario “just as bad if not worse”; Jen Psaki denies Osterholm’s advisory role, ACC: “who’s he working for??”; Osterholm likens virus to forest fire and plants fake shortage seed
0:41:44Bill Gates envisions a world in which “all countries … could be more like Australia” with Anderson Pooper; NBC agitates for global COVAX rollout; ACC’s Remarkable People interview with Guy Kawasaki, JCD “conflict of interest” story, surprise end-of-show vaccination question; Rochelle Walensky contradicts herself on transmission by the vaccinated in the space of two weeks; TikTok “just do it, okay, it’s the right thing!” skit (CotD); Offspring drummer Pete Parada dropped by band for declining vaccine under medical advice; Internet Archive torches; CNN hit piece on “ultimate superspreader” Joseph Mercola, sketchy “65% of all anti-vaccine messaging” from UK-based Center for Countering Digital Hate
1:02:12Producer note on vaccine mandate coercion under FSIS Food Safety and Inspection Service; France denies unemployment benefits to the unvaccinated; CVS promotes Italian COVID Pass as “golden ticket”; NYC Covid Safe app fine with a photo of Mickey Mouse as proof of vaccination; Democracy Now on impending passport requirement to do anything in New York City; Democracy Now up in arms over case spike in children, JCD on kids using Coca-Cola or orange juice to fake positive results; Boris Johnson back in quarantine lest he irk the public; Obama’s 60th birthday celebration scaled back under intense scrutiny, ACC: “Michelle was supposed to do a gender reveal”; NPR on employers’ use of “honor code” attestation without verification; producer note on implosion of short-staffed Spirit Airlines; Anthony Fauci contrasts short-term “Pfizermectin” approach to long-term HIV prophylaxis
1:28:17Producer Segment: JCD’s blurb for Mike Riley’s FrUNology: 10 Years of I Taste Sound
2:15:05ACC OTG: Linux on old Surface Go, MotU server under Wine; Apple’s plan to scan messages against Child Sexual Abuse Material CSAM hash database, JCD: “just a foot in the door”
2:25:55Jeff Pegues on guilty plea from Capitol rioter Scott “Wildman” Fairlamb
2:30:49JCD recommends Ken Burns documentary Hemingway, account of suicidal depression vs 1961 news of his “fatal accident” read by authoritative-sounding Edwin Newman
2:41:24ABC on war of words between Biden administration and “Governor who?” DeSantis; Pfizer Export BV taking advantage of Dutch tax haven; news report mocks “Randy Santis”
2:47:15Dogs Are People Too: NIAID-funded study infected 28 beagles with parasites
2:49:05$3.5T “reconciliation bill” vs infrastructure bill designed to be voted down, SMART Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Initiative surveillance, JCD on Bush-era Superconducting Super Collider axed by Clinton, Nancy Pelosi raves about need to “Build Back Better with women” and “universal pre-K which I love”, JCD: “bald Nancy”
3:02:15Democracy Now on calls from Biden administration for Andrew Cuomo to resign; NPR on Albany County Sheriff pursuing criminal charges; Chris Cuomo’s dodgy press releases
3:07:34Donation Segment: JCD revisits “trap babies”, 1956 film The Bad Seed
3:27:17“That’s a drop the mike moment!” iso vs Biden “vaxation of the unvaccinated”
3:28:23Democracy Now on two-month eviction moratorium renewal; producer notes on lack of constitutionality ruling from Supreme Court and lack of local infrastructure to distribute funds; police defunding proponent Rep. Cori Bush defends private security detail with “suck it up”
3:35:14Biden blows spit bubbles with “350 million people vaccinated in the United States” ramble