Call Clooney!

1370 Jab Click Share (2021-08-05)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Hymnumna, hymnumnumna!” (0:39:43)
0:00:32Newsweek “The Doomsday Variant” lambda fear porn
0:02:42JCD 3x3: CBS anticipates September 1 Pfizer approval; Dr. Marty Makary implicates “stability testing” in delay; NBC “more Olympics crap”, Good Morning America “steals and deals”
0:09:30Dr. Francis Collins appears to threaten depoliticization or lockdowns; evil red state roundup; JCD gripes about hospital “social workers”, Alabama “if only I had taken the vaccine” meme replicated nationwide and propagated by Oprah Winfrey; slick “hard, fast, and hopefully short” pro-lockdown propaganda from Australian Channel 10; 90-minute BitChute “you are no longer human any more” magnetofection video; Bill de Blasio announces “Key to NYC Pass”, CBS sneaks in the inaccurate term “mandate”, “the voluntary phase is over!”
0:35:06Hate Clip jingle, Stephanie Ruhle berates corporate America for not jumping on the vaccine mandate bandwagon with peculiarly vocalizing cheerleader Karas Swisher, ACC recalls In the Garden of the Beast: “we shaved their heads and marched them through the streets”; another slick Channel 10 package lauding “vaxx records, qualifications, and police checks” passports, “jab, click, share”; Jen Psaki trumpets “be prepared” motto for booster scenario
0:47:35Collins scratches his head at “kinda puzzling” drop in UK cases, herd immunity “not something we want to see happen”; NHS staff ordered not to withhold respiratory suppressant “drug to kill you” midazolam; Department of Justice drops Cuomo nursing home investigation
0:53:40ABC pet doctor Jen. Ashton on recommendation that all pregnant women get vaccinated; “troubling” RSV spike in children; testimony; Julia Bach to Alison Morrow on impact of PCR testing on the notion of “sickness”; religious podcast on COVID-19 protocols as holy sacrament; Revelation 13:17 Mark of the Beast; producer note on “sincerely-held” exemptions for Catholics, employers sneakily requiring attestation to vaccination status, animal testing vs “ethical vegans”; Mark Dice’s bogus “arrest the unvaccinated” petition
1:14:08Scott Gottlieb notes continuing decline in vaccine effectiveness; CBS all-in on boosters for those over 60, ACC proposes “Johnson & Johnson Vista” and “Pfizer Plus” marketing; WGN Chicago ridicules hydroxychloroquine “originally used to treat malaria” for its toxicity, idiotic “we’re learning more and more”; compilation of anti-vaccine “I don’t trust the FDA” statements from high-profile Democrats under Trump administration
1:28:07Producer note on possibly nicotine-induced COVID-19 resistance
1:30:40Producer Segment
1:49:49David Axelrod pokes fun at the Biden “not a joke” drinking game; producer note on Simone Biles’ “calculated and generous” pullout strategy and possibly bogus Ritalin story
1:58:12Ask Adam: “new voice in podcasting” Lucile Ball; Bill Gates sets the record straight with Anderson Pooper: “huge mistake” of seeking handouts from the likes of Jeffrey Epstein
2:05:28CBS on Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal; NPR “Cuomo quiz” on impeachment prospects; Bill de Blasio to CNN: “this guy is past the point of no return”
2:21:56Biden’s unconstitutional order for CDC to extend eviction moratorium by another 60 days
2:27:58Bill Maher parallels January 6 and December 7; two more Capitol police “died by suicide”; Pentagon officer stabbed; engagement ring screeches on The View; Let’s Get Social resurrected
2:38:31Donation Segment: Mimi vs meetup RSVP e-mails
2:58:20“It’s wacky!” iso; Canadian Border Services strike by nonessential 10% of staff
3:01:42Shipping “container dislocation”, producer note on 2011 hard drive shortages